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Occult Rituals

Wall of Iron

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 367
School conjuration (creation); Level arcanist 6, magus 6, occultist 6, sorcerer 6, summoner 5, summoner (unchained) 6, wizard 6


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a small iron sheet plus gold dust worth 50 gp)


Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Effect iron wall whose area is up to one 5-ft. square/level; see text
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw see text; Spell Resistance no


You cause a flat, vertical iron wall to spring into being. The wall inserts itself into any surrounding nonliving material if its area is sufficient to do so. The wall cannot be conjured so that it occupies the same space as a creature or another object. It must always be a flat plane, though you can shape its edges to fit the available space.

A wall of iron is 1 inch thick per four caster levels. You can double the wall's area by halving its thickness. Each 5-foot square of the wall has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10. A section of wall whose hit points drop to 0 is breached. If a creature tries to break through the wall with a single attack, the DC for the Strength check is 25 + 2 per inch of thickness.

If you desire, the wall can be created vertically resting on a flat surface but not attached to the surface, so that it can be tipped over to fall on and crush creatures beneath it. The wall is 50% likely to tip in either direction if left unpushed. Creatures can push the wall in one direction rather than letting it fall randomly. A creature must make a DC 40 Strength check to push the wall over. Creatures with room to flee the falling wall may do so by making successful Reflex saves. Any Large or smaller creature that fails takes 10d6 points of damage while fleeing from the wall. The wall cannot crush Huge and larger creatures.

Like any iron wall, this wall is subject to rust, perforation, and other natural phenomena. Iron created by this spell is not suitable for use in the creation of other objects and cannot be sold.

Mythic Wall of Iron

Source Mythic Adventures pg. 111
The wall is 1 inch thick per 2 caster levels. If you create an unattached wall, you can weight it so there is a 75% chance it falls on its own in the direction you want. Subtract 5 from the DC to push it in the direction you want, and add 5 to the DC to push the wall in the other direction.

Augmented (7th): If you expend two uses of mythic power, one side of the wall (your choice) has a powerful magnetic charge that attracts metal within 10 feet. The wall automatically attempts a combat maneuver check to pull once per round against any creature that comes in range wearing metal armor, wielding a metal weapon, or otherwise carrying a significant amount of metal.

The wall’s CMB is equal to your caster level plus your tier. If the combat maneuver succeeds, the creature is pulled 5 feet closer to the wall. The wall gains a +5 bonus on its combat maneuver check if the creature is within 5 feet. If the wall succeeds at its check against a creature within 5 feet, the creature is pulled up against the wall and is treated as grappled.

Dropping metal items or removing metal armor allows a creature to free itself from the wall. The magnetic charge fades after 1 hour per tier. Wrenching an item away from the wall requires a successful Strength check (DC 10 + the wall’s CMB).