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Bleed for your Master

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 227, Animal Archive pg. 24
School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level antipaladin 2, arcanist 3, druid 3, hunter 3, ranger 3, sorcerer 3, witch 3, wizard 3


Casting Time 1 immediate action
Components V, S


Range touch
Target your animal companion, familiar, or fiendish servant
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


When you would be hit by an attack that requires an attack roll, or when you are within an area of effect that allows you to attempt a Reflex saving throw, with a single touch you compel the target to throw itself in front of the blow or shield you from the effect.

If an attack roll triggered this spell’s casting, the target takes the damage instead of you, even if the attack roll would not normally hit the target’s Armor Class.

If an area of effect that allows you to attempt a Reflex save triggered this spell’s casting, the target instead grants you cover against the effect (+2 bonus on Reflex saves) if it is your size or smaller, or improved cover (+4 bonus on Reflex saves and improved evasion against the effect) if it is larger than you. The target automatically fails its Reflex save against the effect but can still benefit from improved evasion and similar mitigating effects.

After taking damage, the target is shaken for 1 minute. If the target was already shaken, it becomes frightened instead.