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Estimated Release Date: 6/13/2013
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Drawbacks [23]

Anxious, Burned, Condescending, Cruelty, Envy, Fey-Taken, Forgetful, Haunting Regret, Loner, Mark of Slavery, Misbegotten, Naive, Nervous, Oblivious, Oppressive Expectations, Overprotective, Shadow-Scarred, Sheltered, Sleepy, Spooked, Superstitious (Drawback), Tainted Spirit, Unlearned

Feats [22]

Apotheosis, Artifact Hunter, Blessed, Center of Power, Damned, Dynasty Founder, Expert Trainer, Explorer, Focused Overseer, Focused Worker, Foeslayer, Fortunate Manager, Fortunate Ruler, Inspirational Commander, Liberator, Natural Ruler, Object of Legend, Planar Traveler, Precocious Youth, Prophet, Superintendent, Truth-Seeker

Magic Items (Weapons) [5]

Fervent, Heretical, Kinslayer, Patriotic, Treasonous

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [6]

Diadem of Inspiring Rule, Horn of Plenty, Banner of Tactical Command (Lesser), Banner of Tactical Command (Normal), Orb of Arcane Research, Talisman of Beast Training

Spells [9]

Bless Army, Business Booms, Ceremony, Detect Relations, Imbue Army Special Ability, Prosperous Room, Renovation, Tactical Insight, Teleport Structure

Traits [39]

Authoritarian, Avid Reader, Called, Competitive, Crowd Dodger, Devoted Healer, Disillusioned, Distance Aptitude, Domineering, Fey Protection, Firebug, Fortunate, Free Spirit, Friends in High Places, Gregarious, Grim Optimism, Holdout, Honest, Inspiring, Inured to Death, Irrepressible, Keen Appraiser, Magical Flair, Memorable, Mutant Eye, Mystery Initiate, Patient Calm, Pillager, Scorned by Magic, Secret-Keeper, Snowbound, Soaring Sprinter, Spell Intuition, Student of Philosophy, Supportive, Sworn Enemy, Tropical Upbringing, Vengeful (Combat), Wanderlust