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Ultimate Combat

Estimated Release Date: 7/27/2011
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Alchemist Discoveries [6]

Breath Weapon Bomb*, Explosive Missile, Immolation Bomb*, Nauseating Flesh, Poison Conversion, Siege Bomb*

Archetypes [80]

Ape Shaman (Druid), Arcane Bomber (Wizard), Archaeologist (Bard), Armor Master (Fighter), Armored Hulk (Barbarian), Bandit (Rogue), Bat Shaman (Druid), Battle Scout (Ranger), Beast Rider (Cavalier), Beastmorph (Alchemist), Boar Shaman (Druid), Brawler (Fighter), Cad (Fighter), Chameleon (Rogue), Charlatan (Rogue), Crusader (Cleric), Daredevil (Bard), Deep Walker (Ranger), Dervish Dancer (Bard), Divine Hunter (Paladin), Divine Strategist (Cleric), Dragoon (Fighter), Driver (Rogue), Emissary (Cavalier), Empyreal Knight (Paladin), Evangelist (Cleric), Falconer (Ranger), Flowing Monk (Monk), Gendarme (Cavalier), Gladiator (Fighter), Gun Tank (Gunslinger), Holy Gun (Paladin), Holy Tactician (Paladin), Honor Guard (Cavalier), Iconoclast (Inquisitor), Kensai (Magus), Knife Master (Rogue), Knight of the Sepulcher (Antipaladin), Luring Cavalier (Cavalier), Maneuver Master (Monk), Martial Artist (Monk), Master of Many Styles (Monk), Merciful Healer (Cleric), Musket Master (Gunslinger), Musketeer (Cavalier), Myrmidarch (Magus), Mysterious Stranger (Gunslinger), Pirate (Rogue), Pistolero (Gunslinger), Ragechemist (Alchemist), Roof Runner (Rogue), Sacred Shield (Paladin), Sanctified Rogue (Rogue), Scarred Rager (Barbarian), Sea Reaver (Barbarian), Sensei (Monk), Siege Mage (Wizard), Skirnir (Magus), Sohei (Monk), Soul Forger (Magus), Spellbreaker (Inquisitor), Spellslinger (Wizard), Standard Bearer (Cavalier), Strategist (Cavalier), Survivalist (Rogue), Tactician (Fighter), Tetori (Monk), Thunderstriker (Fighter), Titan Mauler (Barbarian), Tower Shield Specialist (Fighter), Trophy Hunter (Ranger), True Primitive (Barbarian), Unarmed Fighter (Fighter), Unbreakable (Fighter), Urban Barbarian (Barbarian), Warden (Ranger), Wild Rager (Barbarian), Wild Stalker (Ranger), Witch Hunter (Inquisitor), World Walker (Druid)

Barbarian Rage Powers [32]

Auspicious Mark (Su), Bestial Climber (Ex), Bestial Leaper (Ex), Bestial Swimmer (Ex), Bleeding Blow (Ex), Body Bludgeon (Ex), Crippling Blow (Ex), Deadly Accuracy (Ex), Dragon Totem (Su), Dragon Totem Resilience (Su), Dragon Totem Wings (Su), Eater of Magic (Su), Ghost Rager (Su), Ground Breaker, Greater (Ex), Guarded Life, Greater (Ex), Hive Totem (Su), Hive Totem Resilience (Su), Hive Totem Toxicity (Su), Lethal Accuracy (Ex), Perfect Clarity (Ex), Primal Scent (Ex), Reflexive Dodge (Ex), Regenerative Vigor (Ex), Renewed Life (Ex), Renewed Vitality (Ex), Sharpened Accuracy (Ex), Spell Sunder (Su), Sprint (Ex), Sunder Enchantment (Su), World Serpent Spirit (Su), World Serpent Totem (Su), World Serpent Totem Unity (Su)

Cavalier Orders [5]

Order of the Blue Rose, Order of the Seal, Order of the Tome, Order of the Warrior, Ronin

Classes [3]

Gunslinger, Ninja, Samurai

Equipment (Armor) [15]

Do-maru, Four-mirror, Haramaki, Kikko, Kusari gusoku, Lamellar (horn), Lamellar (iron), Lamellar (leather), Lamellar (steel), Lamellar (stone), Lamellar cuirass, Mountain pattern, O-yoroi, Silken ceremonial, Tatami-do

Equipment (Misc.) [4]

Black powder (dose), Black powder (keg), Gunsmith's kit, Powder horn

Equipment (Weapons) [139]

Aklys, Alchemical cartridge (dragon's breath), Alchemical cartridge (entangling shot), Alchemical cartridge (flare), Alchemical cartridge (paper, bullet or pellet), Alchemical cartridge (salt shot), Alchemist's fire, Amentum, Arrow, bamboo shaft (10), Arrow, iron-tipped distance (20), Axe musket, Ballista, gate breaker, Ballista, heavy, Ballista, light, Black powder (dose), Black powder (keg), Blast Shot, Blunderbuss, Bo staff, Bomb, Bombard, heavy, Bombard, light, Bombard, standard, Bridge, assault, Colossal, Bridge, assault, Gargantuan, Bridge, assault, Huge, Bridge, assault, Large, Buckler gun, Bullet, adamantine, Butterfly sword, Cannon, Cannon, fiend's mouth, Catapult, heavy, Catapult, light, Catapult, standard, Chain shot, Coat pistol, Corvus, Culverin, Dagger pistol, Dan bong, Double chicken saber, Double hackbut, Double-barreled musket, Double-barreled pistol, Double-barreled shotgun, Double-chained kama, Dragon pistol, Emei piercer, Fighting fan, Fire lance, Firearm bullet (1), Firearm bullet (30), Firearm bullet, silver, Firedrake, Firewyrm, Flying blade, Gallery, Colossal, Gallery, Gargantuan, Gallery, Huge, Gallery, Large, Gladius, Gunsmith's kit, Hooked axe, Hooked lance, Iron brush, Javelin, Jutte, Katana, Katana, double walking stick, Kerambit, Knuckle axe, Kusarigama, Kyoketsu shoge, Ladder, escalade, Colossal, Ladder, escalade, Gargantuan, Ladder, escalade, Huge, Ladder, escalade, Large, Liquid ice, Lungchuan tamo, Madu (leather/steel), Metal cartridge, Meteor hammer, Monk's spade, Musket, Naginata, Nine-ring broadsword, Nine-section whip, Nodachi, Pata, Pellets (30 handfuls), Pellets (handful), Pepperbox, Pepperbox rifle, Pistol, Pitted bullet, Plague bundle, Poisoned sand tube, Powder horn, Quadrens, Ram, Colossal, Ram, Gargantuan, Ram, Huge, Ram, Large, Revolver, Rifle, Rope dart, Sansetsukon, Scizore, Scorpion whip, Seven-branched sword, Shang gou, Shotel, Shotgun, Sibat, Sica, Siege tower, Colossal, Siege tower, Gargantuan, Siege tower, Huge, Siege tower, Large, Smoke shot, Springal, arrow, Springal, rocket, Sword cane pistol, Tekko-kagi, Tetsubo, Throwing shield, Tiger fork, Tonfa, Trebuchet, heavy, Trebuchet, light, Trebuchet, standard, Tri-point double-edged sword, Tube arrow shooter, Urumi, Wakizashi, Warhammer musket, Whistling arrows (20), Wushu dart

Feats [258]

Adder Strike, Adept Champion, Amateur Gunslinger, Arc Slinger, Back to Back, Betrayer, Binding Throw, Bludgeoner, Boar Ferocity, Boar Shred, Boar Style, Body Shield, Bolstered Resilience, Bonebreaker, Branded for Retribution, Break Guard, Broken Wing Gambit, Cartwheel Dodge, Cavalry Formation, Channeled Revival, Channeling Scourge, Charging Hurler, Chokehold, Cleaving Finish, Close-Quarters Thrower, Clustered Shots, Combat Medic, Combat Style Master, Contingent Channeling, Coordinated Charge, Crane Riposte, Crane Style, Crane Wing, Crusader's Fist, Crusader's Flurry, Crushing Blow, Deadly Finish, Death from Above, Death or Glory, Deathless Initiate, Deathless Master, Deathless Zealot, Deceptive Exchange, Defensive Weapon Training, Deft Shootist, Destructive Dispel, Devastating Strike, Dimensional Agility, Dimensional Assault, Dimensional Dervish, Dimensional Maneuvers, Dimensional Savant, Discordant Voice, Disengaging Feint, Disengaging Flourish, Disengaging Shot, Disorienting Maneuver, Dispel Synergy, Dispelling Critical, Dispelling Fist, Disposable Weapon, Disruptive Recall, Distance Thrower, Djinni Spin, Djinni Spirit, Djinni Style, Domain Strike, Double Bane, Drag Down, Dragon Ferocity, Dragon Roar, Dragon Style, Dramatic Display, Earth Child Binder, Earth Child Style, Earth Child Topple, Efreeti Stance, Efreeti Style, Efreeti Touch, Elusive Redirection, Enfilading Fire, Escape Route, Expert Driver, Extra Bane, Extra Grit, False Opening, Feint Partner, Felling Escape, Felling Smash, Feral Combat Training, Field Repair, Final Embrace, Final Embrace Horror, Final Embrace Master, Flanking Foil, Fortified Armor Training, Furious Finish, Gory Finish, Greater Called Shot, Greater Channel Smite, Greater Rending Fury, Greater Snap Shot, Greater Whip Mastery, Guided Hand, Gunsmithing, Hammer the Gap, Harmonic Sage, Haunted Gnome, Haunted Gnome Assault, Haunted Gnome Shroud, Hero's Display, Hex Strike, Horse Master, Impact Critical Shot, Impaling Critical, Improved Back to Back, Improved Called Shot, Improved Charging Hurler, Improved Cleaving Finish, Improved Devastating Strike, Improved Feint Partner, Improved Impaling Critical, Improved Rending Fury, Improved Snap Shot, Improved Stalwart, Improved Two-Weapon Feint, Improved Whip Mastery, Instant Judgment, Intimidating Bane, Janni Rush, Janni Style, Janni Tempest, Jawbreaker, Kirin Path, Kirin Strike, Kirin Style, Knockout Artist, Landing Roll, Leaping Shot, Mantis Style, Mantis Torment, Mantis Wisdom, Marid Coldsnap, Marid Spirit, Marid Style, Master Combat Performer, Master Siege Engineer, Masterful Display, Maximized Spellstrike, Menacing Bane, Merciful Bane, Mocking Dance, Monastic Legacy, Monkey Moves, Monkey Shine, Monkey Style, Moonlight Stalker, Moonlight Stalker Feint, Moonlight Stalker Master, Murderer's Circle, Neckbreaker, Net Adept, Net and Trident, Net Maneuvering, Net Trickery, Nightmare Fist, Nightmare Striker, Nightmare Weaver, No Name, Opening Volley, Pack Attack, Panther Claw, Panther Parry, Panther Style, Passing Trick, Performance Weapon Mastery, Performing Combatant, Pin Down, Pinning Knockout, Pinning Rend, Pinpoint Poisoner, Planar Wild Shape, Prone Shooter, Prone Slinger, Quick Bull Rush, Quick Dirty Trick, Quick Drag, Quick Reposition, Quick Steal, Raging Brutality, Raging Deathblow, Raging Hurler, Raging Throw, Rapid Grappler, Rapid Reload, Rebounding Leap, Rebuffing Reduction, Rending Fury, Revelation Strike, Rhetorical Flourish, Ricochet Shot Deed, Righteous Healing, Sap Adept, Sap Master, Savage Display, School Strike, Sea Legs, Secret Stash Deed, Seize the Moment, Shaitan Earthblast, Shaitan Skin, Shaitan Style, Shake It Off, Shapeshifter Foil, Shapeshifting Hunter, Shared Judgment, Siege Commander, Siege Engineer, Siege Gunner, Signature Deed, Skilled Driver, Slayer's Knack, Sling Flail, Snake Fang, Snake Sidewind, Snake Style, Snap Shot, Snapping Turtle Clutch, Snapping Turtle Shell, Snapping Turtle Style, Sneaking Precision, Sorcerous Strike, Spell Bane, Spinning Throw, Splintering Weapon, Stage Combatant, Stalwart, Stealth Synergy, Strangler (UC), Strong Comeback, Stunning Pin, Sure Grasp, Sword and Pistol, Tandem Trip, Target of Opportunity, Team Pickpocketing, Tiger Claws, Tiger Pounce, Tiger Style, Trapper's Setup, Twin Thunders, Twin Thunders Flurry, Twin Thunders Master, Two-Handed Thrower, Two-Weapon Feint, Vicious Stomp, Wave Strike, Whip Mastery

Gunslinger Deeds [18]

Bleeding Wound (Ex), Cheat Death (Ex), Dead Shot (Ex), Deadeye (Ex), Death's Shot (Ex), Evasive (Ex), Expert Loading (Ex), Gunslinger Initiative (Ex), Gunslinger's Dodge (Ex), Lightning Reload (Ex), Menacing Shot (Ex), Pistol-Whip (Ex), Quick Clear (Ex), Slinger's Luck (Ex), Startling Shot (Ex), Stunning Shot (Ex), Targeting (Ex), Utility Shot (Ex)

Inquisitions [2]

Black Powder, Spellkiller

Magic Items (Weapons) [8]

Burrowing Bullet (greater), Burrowing Bullet (lesser), Dry Load, Lucky, Lucky, Greater, Reliable, Reliable (greater), Tracer Bullet

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [10]

Amulet of Bullet Protection (+1), Amulet of Bullet Protection (+2), Amulet of Bullet Protection (+3), Amulet of Bullet Protection (+4), Amulet of Bullet Protection (+5), Dry Load Powder Horn, Far-Reaching Sight, Oil of Silence, See Invisibility Sight, Figurine of Wondrous Power (Slate Spider)

Magus Arcana [19]

Accurate Strike (Ex), Arcane Cloak (Su), Arcane Edge (Su), Arcane Redoubt (Su), Arcane Redoubt, Greater (Su), Bane Blade (Su), Devoted Blade (Su), Disruptive (Ex), Enduring Blade (Su), Ghost Blade (Su), Lingering Pain (Su), Pool Strike, Arcing (Su), Pool Strike, Clinging (Su), Pool Strike, Thunderous (Su), Prescient Attack (Su), Prescient Defense (Su), Rod Mastery (Su), Rod Wielder (Su), Spellbreaker (Ex)

Ninja Tricks [43]

Acrobatic Master (Su), Assassinate (Ex), Bleeding Attack* (Ex), Blinding Bomb (Ex), Choking Bomb (Ex), Combat Trick, Darkvision (Su), Deadly Range (Ex), Deadly Shuriken (Ex), Deflect Arrows, Evasion (Ex), Fast Stealth (Ex), Feat, Feather Fall (Su), Flurry of Stars (Ex), Forgotten Trick (Ex), Ghost Step (Su), Hidden Weapons (Ex), High Jumper (Ex), Invisible Blade (Su), Ki Block* (Su), Ki Charge (Su), Master Disguise (Su), Poison Bomb (Ex), Pressure Points* (Su), Rogue Talent, See the Unseen (Su), Shadow Clone (Su), Shadow Split (Su), Slow Metabolism (Ex), Slow Reactions* (Ex), Smoke Bomb (Ex), Snatch Arrows, Style Master, Sudden Disguise (Su), Unarmed Combat Mastery, Unarmed Combat Training, Unbound Steps (Su), Undetected Sabotage (Ex), Vanishing Trick (Su), Ventriloquism (Su), Wall Climber (Su), Weapon Training

Rogue Talents [25]

Black Market Connections (Ex), Confounding Blades (Ex), Convincing Lie (Ex), Deft Palm (Ex), Esoteric Scholar (Ex), Familiar (Ex), Firearm Training (Ex), Getaway Artist (Ex), Getaway Master (Ex), Grit (Ex), Hard Minded (Ex), Hide in Plain Sight (Ex), Hold Breath (Ex), Iron Guts (Ex), Ki Pool (Ex), Master Tricks, Ninja Trick (Ex), Rope Master (Ex), Rumormonger (Ex), Strong Stroke (Ex), Terrain Mastery (Ex), Underhanded (Ex), Unwitting Ally (Ex), Wall Scramble (Ex), Weapon Snatcher (Ex)

Spells [147]

Abjuring Step, Ablative Barrier, Absorb Toxicity, Abundant Ammunition, Adoration, Air Bubble, Air Walk, Communal, Animal Aspect, Animal Aspect, Greater, Ant Haul, Communal, Arcane Cannon, Bestow Weapon Proficiency, Blistering Invective, Bowstaff, Brow Gasher, Bullet Shield, Burst of Speed, Caging Bomb Admixture, Certain Grip, Chain of Perdition, Companion Mind Link, Compel Hostility, Damp Powder, Darkvision, Communal, Daybreak Arrow, Deadeye's Lore, Deadly Juggernaut, Debilitating Portent, Delay Poison, Communal, Destabilize Powder, Discovery Torch, Divine Arrow, Dust Form, Effortless Armor, Endure Elements, Communal, Energy Siege Shot, Energy Siege Shot, Greater, Fabricate Bullets, Fiery Shuriken, Find Quarry, Flash Fire, Forest Friend, Frightful Aspect, Frost Fall, Haunted Fey Aspect, Healing Thief, Heroic Invocation, Hostile Juxtaposition, Hostile Juxtaposition, Greater, Hostile Levitation, Illusion of Calm, Instrument of Agony, Jolting Portent, Judgment Light, Jury-Rig, Kinetic Reverberation, Languid Bomb Admixture, Liberating Command, Life Conduit, Life Conduit, Greater, Life Conduit, Improved, Lightning Lash Bomb Admixture, Litany of Defense, Litany of Eloquence, Litany of Entanglement, Litany of Escape, Litany of Madness, Litany of Righteousness, Litany of Sight, Litany of Sloth, Litany of Thunder, Litany of Vengeance, Litany of Warding, Litany of Weakness, Locate Weakness, Lock Gaze, Longshot, Magic Siege Engine, Magic Siege Engine, Greater, Mask Dweomer, Communal, Mind Blank, Communal, Mirror Strike, Moment of Greatness, Mount, Communal, Mutagenic Touch, Named Bullet, Named Bullet, Greater, Negative Reaction, Nondetection, Communal, Obsidian Flow, Peacebond, Pellet Blast, Phantom Chariot, Phantom Driver, Phantom Steed, Communal, Pilfering Hand, Protection from Arrows, Communal, Protection from Chaos, Communal, Protection from Energy, Communal, Protection from Evil, Communal, Protection from Good, Communal, Protection from Law, Communal, Pup Shape, Qualm, Recoil Fire, Reinforce Armaments, Reinforce Armaments, Communal, Reloading Hands, Resinous Skin, Resist Energy, Communal, Returning Weapon, Returning Weapon, Communal, Ricochet Shot, See Alignment, Shadow Bomb Admixture, Share Language, Communal, Shock Shield, Shocking Image, Siege of Trees, Siege of Trees, Greater, Spell Immunity, Communal, Spell Immunity, Greater Communal, Spider Climb, Communal, Spontaneous Immolation, Stabilize Powder, Stoneskin, Communal, Summoner Conduit, Sun Metal, Symbol of Striking, Tactical Acumen, Tar Pool, Targeted Bomb Admixture, Telekinetic Assembly, Telekinetic Charge, Terrain Bond, Thunder Fire, Tongues, Communal, Touch Injection, Twisted Space, Unerring Weapon, Viper Bomb Admixture, Walk through Space, Warding Weapon, Water Walk, Communal, Weaken Powder, Wilderness Soldiers, Wreath of Blades

Vehicles [19]

Airship, Alchemical Dragon, Carriage, Cart, Chariot, Heavy, Chariot, Light, Chariot, Medium, Galley, Glider, Keelboat, Longship, Rowboat, Sailing Ship, Sleigh, Steam Giant, Wagon, Heavy, Wagon, Light, Wagon, Medium, Warship