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Source Ultimate Combat pg. 164


Cost 600 gp Weight 30 lbs.
Category Ammunition; Proficiency Siege Engine


A bomb is a metal canister filled with metal balls and black powder that can be used as ammunition in catapults and trebuchets or carried by two Medium creatures or one Large creature to its destination. A bomb either explodes on impact (if fired from a catapult or trebuchet, or within 3 rounds of a fuse being lit if carried). When it explodes, it deals 6d6 points of piercing and bludgeoning damage to all creatures and objects within 30 feet of the target square. On a siege engine mishap, this ammunition explodes before it is launched, dealing its damage to the siege engine and all nearby creatures and wooden objects as if one of the spaces of the siege engine (crew leader’s choice) were the target square. It ignores the hardness of wood and stone.