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Monster Templates

Primordial (CR +0 or +1)

Monster Summoner's Handbook pg. 19
Acquired/Inherited Template Acquired
Simple Template Yes
Usable with Summons Yes - Requires the feat Versatile Summon Monster or Versatile Summon Nature's Ally

Primordial creatures are magical precursors or echoes of creatures from the Material Plane. A primordial creature’s CR increases by 1 only if the base creature has 5 or more HD.

Rebuild Rules: Defensive Abilities gains DR as noted on the table below; SR gains SR equal to its new CR + 6; Speed gains a +10-ft. bonus to all speeds; Attacks the damage dice for one primary natural weapon increases as if the creature were one size larger (if the creature has more than one primary attack, the increased damage is applied to the first attack type it has from this list: bite, claw, slam, gore, talon, sting); Spell-Like Abilities gains spell-like abilities listed on the table below according to its Hit Dice (including all the spell-like abilities of lower-Hit Die primordial creatures), each available 1/day. The DCs of any saves against these abilities are equal to 10 + the primordial creature’s Charisma bonus + spell level.
Hit DiceDRSpell-Like Abilities
1-4-Dancing lights
5-105/cold ironFaerie fire
11+10/cold ironLesser confusion