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Monster Templates

Dark (CR +0 or +1)

Monster Summoner's Handbook pg. 19
Acquired/Inherited Template Acquired
Simple Template Yes
Usable with Summons Yes - Requires the feat Versatile Summon Monster

Dark creatures are native denizens of the Plane of Shadow, and generally have a dark gray or deep purple coloration. This template can be applied only to a non-outsider that has none of the following subtypes: air, cold, earth, fire, or water. A dark creature’s CR increases by 1 only if the base creature has 5 or more HD.

Rebuild Rules: Senses gain darkvision 60 ft. and low-light vision; Defensive Abilities gains DR and resistance to cold and electricity based on its Hit Dice, as noted on the table below; SR gains SR equal to its new CR + 5.
Hit DiceDRResist Cold and Electricity