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This massive mound of tentacles rises and falls, hinting at the breathing of a great slumbering beast below. Every so often, the tip of one of the glistening filaments twitches to life, spontaneously growing a razor-like feeler, horrible eye, or other alien appendage. The creature’s body is a looming clot of these appendages, a twitching knot of wriggling matter.

Havero CR 24

Source Pathfinder #10: A History of Ashes pg. 86, Curse of the Crimson Throne (PFRPG) pg. 472
NE Colossal aberration
Init +5; Senses darkvision 100 ft.; Listen +9, Spot +46


AC 43, touch 3, flat-footed 42 (+1 Dex, +40 natural, -8 size)
hp 459 (34d8+309); fast healing 25
Fort +20, Ref +12, Will +28
Defensive Abilities alien mind; DR 20/—; Immune cold, inhaled effects, mind-affecting effects; Resist acid 30, fire 30, electricity 30; SR 34
Weaknesses light sensitivity


Speed 20 ft., fly 60 ft. (clumsy)
Melee variable (see below)
Space 60 ft., Reach 120 ft.
Special Attacks appendages


Str 38, Dex 12, Con 28, Int 5, Wis 29, Cha 30
Base Atk +25; Grapple +55
Feats Alertness, Awesome Blow, Blind-Fight, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack
Skills Spot +46
Languages telepathic savant
SQ no breath


Environment any (usually outer space)
Organization solitary
Treasure none
Advancement 35+ (Colossal)

Special Abilities

Alien Mind (Ex) Anyone who attempts to link minds with a havero (such as via detect thoughts or telepathy) risks the trauma associated with tapping into its raw alien thoughts. Such an act forces the character to make a DC 36 Will save. Those who fail are permanently affected by a feeblemind spell (CL 20th). The save DC is Wisdom-based.

Light Sensitivity (Ex) Haveros despise sunlight. Even when it lacks an ocular appendage, a havero is dazzled in the presence of natural sunlight or when within the radius of a daylight spell.

Appendages (Ex) A havero can alter the shape of any of its hundreds of squirming appendages, specializing them into a variety of tentacular tools. A havero has 20 appendage points, which it can spend as a full-round action to create a number of specialized appendages not exceeding this point total. As another full-round action, it can withdraw its tentacles back into itself, dissolving them and regaining the points spent to create them. If one of a havero’s tentacles is destroyed in combat, it immediately regains the points used to create it. For example, a havero could use its 20 points to create 6 slashing tentacles, a grasping tentacle, and an incorporeal tentacle; 4 brilliant energy tentacles; 20 reaching tentacles; or any other number of tentacles whose sum total is 20 points. Haveros typically manifest the following tentacles, although some might have the ability to create more more. The point cost of each tentacle is listed after each name.

Tentacle (1): Grants the following attack—tentacle +23 (2d6+14).
Ocular Tentacle (2): Grants +8 bonus on Spot checks per ocular tentacle.
Slashing Tentacle (2): Grants the following attack—claw +23 (2d6+14/18–20).
Armored Tentacle (3): Increases the havero’s total natural armor bonus by +2 per armored tentacle.
Grasping Tentacle (3): Grants the following attack—tentacle +23 (2d6+14); constrict (2d6+14), improved grab.
Reaving Tentacle (3): Grants the following attack—tentacle +23 (2d6+14), rend 4d6+21; requires two reaving tentacles, both of which must hit the same target in the same round in order to rend.
Acid-Spewer (4): 30-ft. cone, damage 6d6 acid, Reflex DC 36 half; each additional 4 points spent adds +6d6 acid damage and 10 feet to the cone’s length.
Poison Stinger (4): Grants the following attack—sting +23 (2d6+14 plus poison); havero poison: injury; Fortitude DC 36; initial and secondary damage 3d6 Wisdom drain. The save DC is Constitution-based.
Incorporeal Tentacle (5): Grants the following attack— incorporeal touch +23 (2d6 negative energy plus 1d10 Charisma drain, can attack targets through walls and other solid barriers).
Vorpal Tentacle (10): Grants the following attack—pincer +23 (4d6+14; on a successful critical hit, target is beheaded as per the vorpal weapon quality).

No Breath (Ex) A havero does not breathe, and as such is immune to inhaled toxins and odor-based effects.

Telepathic Savant (Su) A havero can transmit vague impressions of its thoughts across limitless distances to any creature it is aware of. A havero does not communicate using language and its thoughts are limited and often unintelligible to mortal minds. A havero contacting a creature using this ability does not subject the target to its alien mind.


The word “havero” has its roots in ancient Thassilonian, roughly translating into “smothering arms.” The creature itself was first described in notes and theories postulated by ancient students of the stars and delvers into dark lore. Horrifically, haveros are not the mere imaginings of those sages who chronicle the heavens. They are entities of deepest blackness, and on terrible occasions a lone havero has been drawn to Golarion, putting all the races of the world into reach of its endless, ruinous arms.