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Suspension Piercings

Source Champions of Corruption pg. 29
Aura faint transmutation (minor and major), moderate transmutation (greater) CL 7th
Slot belt or shoulder; Price 6,000 gp (Minor), 7,200 gp (Major), 11,200 gp (Greater); Weight


These piercings are popular among suspensionists, who hang from hooks attached to their skin.

Minor: The wearer gains feather fall as a continuous effect.

Major: The wearer may use levitate twice per day.

Greater: The wearer may use air walk once per day.


Requirements Craft Shadow Piercing, feather fall (minor), levitate (major), air walk (greater); Cost 3,000 gp (Minor), 3,600 gp (Major), 5,600 gp (Greater)