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Thassilonian Runes

Description Source: Pathfinder #5: Sins of the Saviors
One of the great achievements of the Runelords of Thassilon was the creation of arcane runes empowered to infuse living flesh with magical power. With these arcane markings, the fundamentals of one’s lifeforce were altered, allowing the bearer to activate various magical abilities.

Thassilonian runes resemble runic tattoos inscribed in the flesh with arcane inks and scar-inducing irritants. Their intricate forms are endless variations on the seven runes of sin magic. Any individual bearing a Thassilonian rune can make use of its abilities even if not a spellcaster or if its powers are from a school ordinarily prohibited to the bearer.

A Thassilonian rune is considered a magic item but does not take up a body slot in the usual sense. Instead, an individual is limited to possessing one rune, regardless of the creature’s or the rune’s actual size. The potent magics essential to these runes’ function is disrupted by the addition of a second rune, preventing either from working. Once a rune is inscribed, it cannot be removed short of a miracle, wish, or a mage’s disjunction cast directly on it (this use of the spell does not have the normal area of effect and can affect only one rune at a time). Even the loss of that body part is not foolproof, for if it is regenerated or otherwise recovered, it returns with the rune still upon it.

Runes are created using the Inscribe Rune feat (see sidebar). Several runes dating back to the time of ancient Thassilon are presented in the following sections, though this list is by no means exhaustive, and PCs with the proper feats and abilities could conceivably develop new ones.

Rune of Contingency

Source Pathfinder #5: Sins of the Saviors pg. 60
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
Slot rune; Price 147,000 gp


Once per day, the bearer of this rune can gain the effects of the spells feather fall and water breathing. In addition, if he is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points and is not killed, he turns into a cloud of vapor as per the spell gaseous form for 5 rounds. He remains conscious during this time, but after 5 rounds returns to his normal form and is unconscious and dying.


Requirements Inscribe Rune, feather fall, gaseous form, water breathing; Cost 73,500 gp, 5,880 XP

Rune of Obedience

Source Pathfinder #5: Sins of the Saviors pg. 59; Errata
Aura strong necromancy; CL 9th
Slot rune; Price 135,000 gp


Designed as a foolproof means of ensuring absolute loyalty, even from those ordinarily immune to compulsion and mind-affecting magic, this rune is infused with a single specific prohibition when first inscribed. This prohibition must be stated in 10 words or fewer and the bearer must agree to it of his own free will. From then on, if the bearer breaks this prohibition, he is afflicted with searing pain, taking a –4 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks for as long as he is in violation of the prohibition and for 5 minutes thereafter. This rune affects any creature who agrees to bear it.


Requirements Inscribe Rune, symbol of pain; Cost 67,500 gp, 5,400 XP

Rune of Razing

Source Pathfinder #5: Sins of the Saviors pg. 63
Aura strong evocation; CL 13th
Slot rune; Price 91,000 gp


This rune grants the bearer the ability to ignore hardness and damage reduction for 5 rounds per day. Its activation is a free action, and the rounds need not be used consecutively.


Requirements Inscribe Rune, mage's sword; Cost 43,500 gp, 3,640 XP

Rune of Resistance

Source Pathfinder #5: Sins of the Saviors pg. 58
Aura faint abjuration; CL 5th
Slot rune; Price 45,000 gp


This rune grants the bearer resistance 10 to two energy types chosen at the time that the rune is inscribed.


Requirements Inscribe Rune, resist energy; Cost 22,500 gp, 1,800 XP

Rune of the Inscrutable One

Source Pathfinder #5: Sins of the Saviors pg. 62
Aura moderate illusion; CL 6th
Slot rune; Price 36,000 gp


The bearer of this rune confuses all attempts to divine information about him. This functions as a permanent misdirection spell, which the bearer can change the target of (and thus what he is detected as) at will.

In addition, whenever the rune’s bearer enters an area affected by a divination (scrying) effect or anytime a creature casts a divination (scrying) spell that targets him, the scrying spell’s caster must make a DC 18 Will save. If this save fails, the rune’s bearer realizes that he is being scryed upon, knows what spell is in effect, and knows the name of the spell’s caster.


Requirements Inscribe Rune, magic aura, misdirection; Cost 18,000 gp, 1,440 XP

Rune of the Lord's Palanquin

Source Pathfinder #5: Sins of the Saviors pg. 62
Aura strong conjuration; CL 15th
Slot rune; Price 135,000 gp


Once per day, the bearer of this rune can summon a floating, semi-real palanquin. This conveyance has all the special abilities of a phantom steed and can hold the bearer and up to 150 additional pounds of weight. Other creatures can ride the palanquin as long as the total weight is less than 150 pounds. The palanquin can be dismissed at any time as a free action, but cannot be summoned again until the next day. The look of the palanquin is decided when the rune is inscribed, though it usually takes the form of a regal, comfortable-looking litter that moves without the need for bearers.


Requirements Inscribe Rune, phantom steed; Cost 67,500 gp, 5,400 XP

Rune of the Mistress

Source Pathfinder #5: Sins of the Saviors pg. 61
Aura moderate enchantment; CL 9th
Slot rune; Price 108,000 gp


Three times per day, the bearer of this rune can cause a creature she touches to take a -4 penalty on all Will saves made against spells of the enchantment school for the next 24 hours.


Requirements Inscribe Rune, dominate monster; Cost 54,000 gp, 4,320 XP