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Construct Modifications

Armor ModificationBasicSee Text
Hit Dice ModificationBasicSee Text
Movement ModificationBasicSee Text
ResistancesBasicSee Text
Sense ModificationsBasicSee Text
Spell-Like Ability ModificationBasicSee Text
Weapon ModificationBasicSee Text
Ability Score IncreaseBasic5,000 gp
Alarm LinkComplex250 gp
Frost Mist Stash (Shatter Stash)Complex1,000 gp
Corrosive Jet Stash (Shatter Stash)Complex1,200 gp
Firebomb Stash (Shatter Stash)Complex1,200 gp
Lightning Lash Stash (Shatter Stash)Complex1,200 gp
Rune of Shielding (Rune Carved)Complex1,200 gp
Self-RepairComplex1,500 gp
Rune of Lightning (Rune Carved)Complex2,000 gp
Willsap Gas Stash (Shatter Stash)Complex2,000 gp
Self-DestructComplex3,570 gp
Crafter's EyesComplex8,000 gp
Rune of Terror (Rune Carved)Complex11,200 gp
Construct ShelterComplex11,250 gp
Construct StorageComplex11,250 gp
Mind LinkComplex16,500 gp
Rune of Agony (Rune Carved)Complex18,000 gp
Bioconstruct ModificationComplex22,750 gp
Construct LimbComplex27,000 gp
Construct ArmorComplex35,000 gp
Rune of Imprisonment (Rune Carved)Complex57,600 gp