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Eye Piercings

Source Champions of Corruption pg. 29
Aura faint transmutation CL 5th
Slot eye; Price 6,000 gp (Minor), 18,000 gp (Major), 32,000 gp (Greater); Weight


These piercings may penetrate the eyebrow, eyelid, or the eye itself. Due to magical, they do not impair the owner’s vision. All effects from an eye piercing are continuous.

Minor: The wearer gains low-light vision. If the wearer already has low-light vision, the ability’s range is doubled.

Major: The wearer gains darkvision to 60 feet.

Greater: The wearer gains the see in darkness special ability.


Requirements Craft Shadow Piercing, keen sensesAPG (minor), darkvision (major and greater); Cost 3,000 gp (Minor), 9,000 gp (Major), 16,000 gp (Greater)