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Throughout the War for the Crown Adventure Path, PCs can find the following relics, organized below by the volume of the AP in which they appear. To use these relics in other campaigns, consult the information on PC level in parentheses. A relic’s stat block details its base abilities followed by the powers the relic gains when it attains one or more triumphs.
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Scion's Dagger

Source Pathfinder #128: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur pg. 80
Introduced In Pathfinder #129: The Twilight Child; Suitable For PCs of 7th-9th level
Aura strong necromancy
Slot none; CL 17th
Weight 1/2 lb.
This elegant, jeweled blade looks ornamental, but it is just as vicious as any weapon. A large black sapphire glitters in the dagger’s pommel, and the delicate work along the blade’s handle shows amazing artistry. The dagger was forged by Grand Prince Penticus IV to protect his son from a deal he struck with strange outsiders—trading his firstborn in order to win the crown. But Penticus V used the blade to take his own life, denying his father's benefactors their prize and securing the throne for his brother, Tralian V.

Scion’s Dagger is a +3 ghost touch mithral dagger. As a full-round action, the dagger’s owner can designate up to four willing creatures in her presence as her bodyguards. As a standard action, each of these creatures can determine the owner’s location and condition, as per status, as long as the owner is holding the blade. The dagger’s owner can change the designated bodyguards as a full-round action, with each chosen creature beyond four replacing a prior choice.

If the owner of Scion’s Dagger dies while carrying or wielding the blade, her body evaporates into smoke and her soul transfers into the black sapphire as per soul bind, except anyone holding the dagger can attempt to raise her as though they has access to her intact body. This effect fails if a soul already occupies the gem. Alternatively, a creature holding the dagger can instead speak a command word to release the trapped soul into the afterlife.

First Triumph: Once per day, the dagger’s wielder can teleport any number of her bodyguards to her location, as per teleport. They must be willing and within 100 miles, and when they arrive, they appear within 20 feet of the dagger’s wielder in unoccupied spaces chosen by the GM.

Second Triumph: Scion’s Dagger is a +4 ghost touch mithral dagger. Once per day as a swift action, the wielder can gain DR 1/— and fast healing 3 for 1 minute.

Third Triumph: Scion’s Dagger is a +5 ghost touch mithral dagger. When the wielder hits a humanoid with the dagger, she can activate the dagger as an immediate action to use dominate person on the creature (DC 23) with a duration of 1 round. After the domination ends, the target is immune to this effect for 24 hours.