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Throughout the War for the Crown Adventure Path, PCs can find the following relics, organized below by the volume of the AP in which they appear. To use these relics in other campaigns, consult the information on PC level in parentheses. A relic’s stat block details its base abilities followed by the powers the relic gains when it attains one or more triumphs.
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Lance of the Leaping Lion

Source Pathfinder #141: Last Watch pg. 70
Introduced In
Aura strong evocation
Slot none; CL 15th
Weight 10 lbs.
The haft of this stout, ornate metal lance has an intricate pommel resembling a starburst. Affixed to its handle is a decorative counterweight engraved with the image of a Taldan knight kneeling in prayer.

This +2 glorious lance bears intricate decoration identifying it as the weapon of Taldan royalty—specifically Grand Prince Cyricas, the Leaping Lion. A wielder who is proficient in both lances and longspears can wield the Lance of the Leaping Lion as either weapon; shifting between these uses is a swift action. In addition, whenever the wielder attempts an Acrobatics check to jump, she is always treated as having a running start.


Task To be worthy of this relic, you must earn the trust and respect of a magical beast with an Intelligence of 3 or higher whose CR is no less than your level + 3. The magical beast must offer you a token of its respect out of gratitude alone, which must be affixed to the weapon’s hilt.

Benefit The lance’s enhancement bonus increases to +4. Whenever you critically hit an opponent with the relic, it unleashes a burst of sonic energy in a 30-foot cone, originating from your square. Creatures within this area take 2d10 points of sonic damage (Fortitude DC 22 half). Undead creatures within this area instead take 4d10 points of sonic damage.