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Throughout the War for the Crown Adventure Path, PCs can find the following relics, organized below by the volume of the AP in which they appear. To use these relics in other campaigns, consult the information on PC level in parentheses. A relic’s stat block details its base abilities followed by the powers the relic gains when it attains one or more triumphs.
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Band of the Crusader's Alliance

Source Pathfinder #128: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur pg. 81
Introduced In Pathfinder #130: City in the Lion's Eye; Suitable For PCs of 10th-12th level
Aura strong abjuration
Slot ring; CL 11th
Stylistic flourishes and a stout design suggest dwarves had a hand in forging this thick ring. The precise engineering of the small moving parts shows the fine artistry that went into creating the item. The ring features two carved symbols that flank a faceted onyx: one resembles the flag of Taldor, and the other depicts the eye of Aroden.

Each of these three elements can be activated once per day to use a certain spell: the Taldan flag for hold person (DC = 13 + 1 per additional triumph attained), the eye of Aroden for prayer, and the onyx for stone shape.

Encircling the ring is a second metal band that rotates in place and is studded with a single diamond. If the diamond is aligned with one of the symbols, the wearer gains a +2 luck bonus on certain saving throws: saves against enchantment spells and spell-like abilities if aligned with the Taldan flag, against evil effects if aligned with the eye of Aroden, or against earth and poison effects if aligned with the onyx. Aligning the ring with a symbol is a full-round action.

First Triumph: Each element can be activated one additional time each day to use a different spell: the Taldan flag for sending, the eye of Aroden for death ward, and the onyx for wall of stone.

Second Triumph: Each element can be activated one additional time each day to use a different spell: the Taldan flag for mass suggestion, the eye of Aroden for disrupting weapon, and the onyx for transmute rock to mud.