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Thassilonian Sentinel

Source Pathfinder #134: It Came from Hollow Mountain pg. 90
During the height of the Thassilonian Empire, nobles and other wealthy elite favored these constructs as guardians and protectors in their homes, hidden in plain sight among the palace’s normal decorations. Able to replace the heads of statues to blend in, these creatures keep alert for intruders and extract themselves from the statues with which they are docked in order to attack. The creatures don’t need to remove themselves from their statues to use their special attacks, however, and only separate for added mobility or to have the chance to attack with their claws.

At least a dozen varieties of sentinel pervaded long-vanished Thassilon. All of these varieties were crafted from materials that wouldn’t be out of place as a medium for sculpting or casting. Though the practice of creating these constructs largely died out along with the empire at Earthfall, explorers delving into forgotten ruins sometimes encounter sentinels that still function.


Bronze Sentinel (CR 3), Iron Sentinel (CR 5), Ivory Sentinel (CR 7), Marble Sentinel (CR 4)