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Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga

A rustic hut stands here, its timber walls hung with bundles of drying herbs and etched with eerie symbols. From beneath its splintering wooden porch extends a pair of legs, like those of a fifteen-foot-tall chicken with gigantic talons caked in mud but sharp as razors.

Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga CR 17

Source Pathfinder #68: The Shackled Hut pg. 63, Artifacts and Legends pg. 22
XP 102,400
N Huge construct
Init +12; Senses blindsight 120 ft.; Perception +8
Aura frightful presence (60 ft., DC 30)


AC 34, touch 20, flat-footed 22 (+12 Dex, +14 natural, –2 size)
hp 188 (27d10+40); fast healing 20
Fort +9, Ref +21, Will +17
Defensive Abilities evasion, immortal structure; DR 15/adamantine; Immune construct traits, gaze attacks, visual effects and illusions, sight-based attacks; SR 28


Speed 60 ft.
Melee 2 claws +38 (2d6+13 plus grab), slam +38 (2d8+13 plus grab)
Space 15 ft., Reach 15 ft.
Special Attacks constrict (2d6+19), fast swallowB3, swallow whole (see below), trample (2d8+19, DC 36)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 15th; concentration +22)
At will—dimensional anchor, freedom of movement, irresistible dance (DC 25)
3/day—blink, dimension door, incendiary cloud (DC 25)


Str 37, Dex 34, Con —, Int —, Wis 27, Cha 25
Base Atk +27; CMB +42 (+46 grapple); CMD 64
Languages understands any (cannot speak)


Environment any land
Organization solitary (none)
Treasure none

Special Abilities

Immortal Structure (Ex) Reducing the Dancing Hut to 0 hit points causes its legs to buckle, bringing the hut itself toppling to the ground. Such a defeat has no effect on the hut’s extradimensional interior or any creatures inside the hut. The hut remains immobile and unresponsive to its owner’s commands to move or use any of the special abilities described in its creature stat block for 24 hours, though the transportive abilities of the hut and its cauldron can still be employed. The hut cannot be reduced to fewer than 0 hit points, no matter what damage, circumstances, or environment it might be subjected to after its defeat. After 24 hours, the hut regains half its hit points (94 hp) and its fast healing ability reactivates. It may then use its special abilities to escape from nearly any situation in which it finds itself. The Dancing Hut can only be destroyed by the method detailed in the artifact’s destruction entry.

Swallow Whole (Ex) If the Dancing Hut successfully grapples a creature with its slam attack, the victim is scooped up by the hut’s front door and flung inside. The target appears within the extradimensional space inside the hut—the layout of which depends upon the hut’s physical location. Being inside the hut is not necessarily dangerous, unless one of Baba Yaga’s guardians or some other creature is there. A swallowed creature can attempt to escape by breaking open the front door, a deceptively sturdy barrier with hardness 15 and 100 hit points that also benefits from the hut’s fast healing ability. The hut can expel swallowed creatures as a full-round action, flinging them from its open door. It must attempt a combat maneuver check against creatures that don’t wish to leave, with failure meaning the target is able to hold on to the pitching and warping interior. The hut may choose which creatures it wishes to expel and which to keep inside.

There is no description for this monster.