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Cerberus Worm

This slimy-skinned, three-headed sea beast has writhing tentacles and is surrounded by a black, poisonous cloud that flickers like fire.

Cerberus Worm CR 14

Source Cheliax, the Infernal Empire pg. 58
XP 38,400
N Gargantuan magical beast (aquatic)
Init +5; Senses all-around vision, darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision; Perception +9


AC 27, touch 7, flat-footed 26 (+1 Dex, +20 natural, –4 size)
hp 229 (17d10+136)
Fort +18, Ref +13, Will +6
Defensive Abilities elusive; Immune poison; Resist fire 30; SR 25


Speed 20 ft., swim 60 ft.
Melee 3 bites +22 (2d8+9 plus grab), tail slap +17 (2d8+4)
Space 20 ft., Reach 20 ft.
Special Attacks swallow whole (2d8+13 acid damage, AC 20, 22 hp), wreathe in poison


Str 28, Dex 12, Con 27, Int 8, Wis 9, Cha 9
Base Atk +17; CMB +30 (+32 bull rush); CMD 41 (43 vs. bull rush)
Feats Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Improved Lightning Reflexes, Improved Natural Attack (tail slap), Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Stealth), Stealthy
Skills Acrobatics +4, Escape Artist +3, Perception +9, Stealth +2, Swim +25
Languages Aquan (can’t speak)


Environment any oceans
Organization solitary
Treasure none

Special Abilities

Elusive (Su) A cerberus worm is rarely encountered unless it wishes to be. As a full-round action while in water, a cerberus worm can move up to its run speed (300 feet) without leaving any sign of its passing, as though affected by a pass without trace spell. An elusive cerberus worm gains a +40 circumstance bonus on its Stealth check. In addition, except when in combat, a cerberus worm is considered to be under the effects of a nondetection spell. Both of these spell effects function at caster level 20th and cannot be dispelled.

Poison (Ex) Wreathe in poison—inhaled; save Fortitude DC 26; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Constitution damage; cure 2 consecutive saves. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Wreathe in Poison (Ex) Once per day, as a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, a cerberus worm can wreathe itself in a poisonous mist that resembles black, licking flames for 3 minutes. This poisonous cloud surrounds the cerberus worm in a 30-foot radius, and creatures inside the radius are exposed to the cerberus worm’s poison. A creature that successfully saves against the poison once need not attempt additional saving throws while it remains in the poison. If a creature leaves the wreath and reenters it, however, the creature is again exposed to the poison and must attempt another saving throw.


Believed to be the only beast of its kind, the cerberus worm is known for ambushing ships in Hellmouth Gulf, smashing them and eating their crew members alive. Because of the cerberus worm’s flame-like poison wreath, and because all reports of sightings have occurred in the past few decades, most believe the creature is some sort of infernal monstrosity tied to House Thrune. While such claims are untrue, the Chelish government has done little to quell the rumors, using the citizens’ own fears of its power to deter travel through Hellmouth Gulf and rebellion on its shores. In truth, the cerberus worm plaguing the gulf is but one of many such creatures living in the depths of the Arcadian Ocean. Why it ventured to the surface in recent years is a mystery.

A cerberus worm is approximately 45 feet long and weighs 3,200 pounds.