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Agmazar the Star Titan

Stony segments cover this towering colossus like armor plates. Though it looks lifeless, its four arms move with supple grace.

Agmazar the Star Titan CR 26

Source Mythic Realms pg. 46
XP 2,457,600
NE Colossal undead (cold, kaiju)
Init +5; Senses creaturesense, see in darkness; Perception +49
Aura frightful presence (300 ft., DC 39), suffocation (60 ft.)


AC 40, touch 22, flat-footed 35 (+15 deflection, +5 Dex, +18 natural, –8 size)
hp 615 (30d8+480); fast healing 30
Fort +25, Ref +15, Will +27
Defensive Abilities channel resistance +4, force field, freedom of movement; DR 20/epic; Immune ability damage, ability drain, cold, death effects, disease, energy drain, fear, undead traits; Resist acid 30, electricity 30, fire 30, negative energy 30, sonic 30
Weaknesses vulnerable to fire


Speed 100 ft., climb 50 ft.
Melee 4 slams +33 (4d12+27/19–20/×3 plus energy drain)
Space 60 ft., Reach 60 ft.
Special Attacks channel negative energy (10d6, DC 35, 18/day), energy drain (1 level, DC 40), gravitic control, hurl foe, serpent arms, trample (4d6+27, DC 43)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th; concentration +35)
Constant—freedom of movement
3/day—quickened circle of death (DC 31), empowered horrid wilting (DC 33), waves of exhaustion


Str 47, Dex 21, Con —, Int 6, Wis 31, Cha 40
Base Atk +22; CMB +48; CMD 86
Feats Bleeding Critical, Blind-Fight, Critical Focus, Defensive Combat Training, Empower Spell-Like Ability (horrid wilting), Improved Critical (slam), Power Attack, Quick Channel, Quicken Spell-Like Ability (circle of death), Sickening Critical, Skill Focus (Perception), Snatch, Thanatopic SpellUM, Toughness, Weapon Focus (slam)
Skills Climb +30, Intimidate +36, Knowledge (religion) +10, Perception +49, Swim +20
Languages Draconic (can’t speak)
SQ kaiju traitsB4, massive, powerful blows, recovery

Special Abilities

Aura of Suffocation (Su) Agmazar’s alien presence breaks down the atmosphere around it, causing the air to become thin and nearly unbreathable. Within 1 mile of Agmazar, breathing creatures are subject to fatigue and altitude sickness as if at high peak altitude (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 430). Creatures within 60 feet of Agmazar must hold their breath or begin to suffocate (Core Rulebook 445).

Channel Negative Energy (Su) Agmazar can channel negative energy as a 20th-level evil cleric. This ability requires no divine focus.

Creaturesense (Ex) Agmazar has lifesense up to 120 feet. In addition, it can sense the presence and position of undead creatures within 1,200 feet as if it had blindsense.

Force Field (Su) Agmazar is surrounded by a field of force that grants it a deflection bonus to AC equal to its Charisma bonus and resistance 30 against force effects. Its natural weapons are treated as force effects for dealing damage to incorporeal or ethereal targets. The first time each round Agmazar is targeted with a ranged attack, there’s a 75% chance that attack is deflected by the force field, with a 50% chance of it being reflected back upon its originator and a 50% chance of it being deflected toward a random creature within 60 feet of Agmazar (or deflected harmlessly if no creature is within this range). This deflected attack uses the same attack roll result, caster level, and save DC as the original attack.

Gravitic Control (Su) Agmazar can radically alter the effect of gravity, bending or even inverting gravity to suit its will. As a standard action, it can alter gravity for 2d6 rounds, choosing one of five effects (with effective caster level 20). Only one type of gravitic control can be in effect at a time. Involuntary movement forced by gravitic control doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. Agmazar and its serpent arms are immune to its gravitic control, except for gravitic deceleration. The save DCs are Charisma-based.
  • Gravitic Acceleration: This ability functions as telekinesis (CMB +35, Will DC 40).
  • Gravitic Attraction: This ability functions as repulsion but in reverse; any creature that fails its saving throw (Will DC 40) can’t move away from Agmazar. Each round it doesn’t spend a move action resisting the attraction, it is pulled 1d6 × 5 feet toward Agmazar.
  • Gravitic Deceleration: All creatures within 30 feet are affected as by feather fall. Flying creatures in this radius move at half speed, and a creature making a ranged weapon attack targeting a creature in the radius takes a –2 penalty on the attack roll.
  • Gravitic Inversion: This ability functions as reverse gravity (Reflex DC 40), but Agmazar can concentrate on the spell. Each round it continues to do so, the radius of the effect doubles.
  • Gravitic Repulsion: This ability functions as repulsion, but a creature that fails its saving throw (Will DC 40) not only can’t move toward Agmazar, but is also pushed 1d6 × 5 feet away from the kaiju each round it doesn’t spend a move action resisting the gravitic repulsion.
Powerful Blows (Ex) Agmazar adds 1-1/2 times its Strength bonus on damage rolls with slam attacks.

Serpent Arms (Su) As a full-round action, Agmazar can detach and release one or two of the lower arms from its body, revealing that the joints buried into its torso are alien serpent heads. The arms move and fight independently as hollow serpents (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 149), beginning on the round they’re detached. For each arm it detaches, Agmazar takes 25 points of damage that can’t be reduced.

When a hollow serpent uses channel negative energy or a spell-like ability, it counts against Agmazar’s uses of that ability. While its arms are detached, Agmazar’s fast healing is reduced by 10 for each missing arm, and it can make slam attacks only with the arms still attached. If a hollow serpent is destroyed while separated, Agmazar can regrow its missing arm in 1 hour. Reattaching one or both lower arms is a full-round action and restores Agmazar’s fast healing to the normal rate (though does not regain the hit points lost from detaching).


Agmazar the Star Titan is a kaiju whose origins lie far from Golarion. It plummeted from the sky in 2456 by the Imperial Calendar (–44 ar) into the trackless green of the eastern Valashmai Jungles. Though many have searched for Agmazar’s landing place, none have found it and survived with suff icient strength or sanity to report precisely where it is.

However, Agmazar’s entrance into the world hardly went unnoticed. In fact, its meteoric advent drew the attention of the great kaiju King Mogaru, who claimed the jungles at that time. In a cataclysmic battle that wiped out every living creature for miles, King Mogaru slew the invader from the stars and left the body burned and broken, after which he returned to his deep lake lair for a long rest.

King Mogaru, however, didn’t know the alien powers engrafted within the Star Titan— fail-safes created long ago by the Balance, its makers upon the planet Verces, who created it as an ultimate weapon against undead invaders from Eox. If Agmazar were killed, these unholy energies would raise it, not to life that might once again be snuffed out by the undead, but to titanic unlife that would make it an invincible weapon.

After Agmazar had great victories, its overambitious creators launched it into space to take the fight to Eox itself. But the kaiju was intercepted in transit—a cabal of liches used a disguised interplanetary portal to shift Agmazar’s trajectory from planetfall on Eox to instead land on Golarion.

Confused by the richness of life on the planet and unable to escape Golarion’s gravity, Agmazar was taken by surprise by Mogaru’s onslaught. Its death activated its failsafe programming, but it found few undead within range of it senses. Though the kaiju destroyed undead wherever it found them, once it had exterminated all that it could find, it grew frustrated and its heart turned bitter.

Agmazar now lies in wait most of the time, but lashes out even at the living if they disturb its watchful reverie. If a great necromantic power arises anywhere near Agmazar, it senses the threat and departs immediately to destroy it, treading a path of devastation as it seeks to fulfill the purpose it was given so long ago.