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The footsteps of this pale titan cause the very earth to shudder. Each muscle in its body is pulled taut as if in perpetual convulsion.

Abysogh CR 15

Source Pathfinder #96: Shadow of the Storm Tyrant pg. 84
XP 51,200
CE Gargantuan humanoid (giant)
Init +8; Senses blindsight 120 ft.; Perception +12


AC 29, touch 10, flat-footed 25 (+4 Dex, +19 natural, –4 size)
hp 218 (19d8+133); regeneration 15 (electricity)
Fort +17, Ref +10, Will +10
Defensive Abilities freedom of movement; Immune gaze attacks, mind-affecting effects, sonic, visual effects; Resist cold 10, electricity 10
Weaknesses blind


Speed 50 ft., climb 50 ft.
Melee 2 slams +27 (4d6+17/19–20)
Space 20 ft., Reach 20 ft.
Special Attacks cataclysmic roar (10d6 sonic plus deafen and stagger, DC 25), living ammunition (60 ft.), whirlwind strike


Str 45, Dex 18, Con 22, Int 6, Wis 15, Cha 7
Base Atk +14; CMB +35 (+37 bull rush); CMD 52 (54 vs. bull rush)
Feats Awesome Blow, Critical Focus, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (slam), Improved Initiative, Intimidating Prowess, Iron Will, Power Attack, Throw Anything, Toughness
Skills Climb +26, Intimidate +24, Perception +12
Languages Giant
SQ trembling earth


Environment any mountains
Organization solitary
Treasure half standard

Special Abilities

Cataclysmic Roar (Ex) Once every 1d4 rounds as a standard action, an abysogh can emit a terrible roar in a 60-foot cone. Creatures caught in this cone take 10d6 points of sonic damage and are deafened and staggered for 1d6 rounds. A successful DC 25 Fortitude save halves the damage and negates both conditions. This is a sonic effect. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Freedom of Movement (Ex) An abysogh is under the constant effect of freedom of movement, as the spell. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Living Ammunition (Ex) When an abysogh succeeds at a combat maneuver check to initiate or maintain a grapple against a creature two or more size categories smaller than itself, it can hurl the creature anywhere within 60 feet as a free action, though if it does so after maintaining a grapple, it can’t perform any of the actions that can normally be taken as part of maintaining a grapple. Regardless of the trajectory, the hurled creature takes 6d6 points of damage from the collision and falls prone. The creature can attempt a DC 25 Reflex save to halve the damage and avoid falling prone. The save DC is Constitution-based.

If the targeted square contains another creature, the abysogh makes a ranged attack against the target. A hurled Large creature deals 4d6 points of damage, a Medium creature deals 3d6 points of damage, and a Small creature deals 2d6 points of damage. The abysogh adds 1-1/2 its Strength bonus to this damage. Tiny or smaller creatures don’t deal damage to the target. Whether the attack hits or not, the hurled creature lands in an empty space of the abysogh’s choice adjacent to the target.

Trembling Earth (Ex) When an abysogh moves more than 5 feet in a round, its footsteps send seismic waves rippling across the ground. All creatures at least two size categories smaller than the abysogh that are standing on the ground within 20 feet of the giant at any point during its movement must succeed at a DC 25 Reflex save or fall prone. The save DC is Constitution-based. The vibrations also suppress tremorsense within the area for 1 round (no save).

Whirlwind Strike (Ex) An abysogh can send multiple opponents flying through the air with its sweeping slams. When an abysogh uses the full-attack action, instead of making its normal attacks, it can perform one awesome blow combat maneuver at its highest base attack bonus against each opponent within its reach. It must attempt a separate combat maneuver check against each opponent. When using this ability, the abysogh forfeits any bonuses and extra attacks granted by feats, spells, or abilities.


Rather than collecting rocks like ordinary giants, abysoghs enjoy collecting living creatures, and love nothing more than flinging a screaming human or horse at enemies.

Legends tell of a small cult of foolish storm giants who dug around the Pit of Gormuz in a misguided attempt to free lost Ranginori, and struck a flow of horrific blood from Rovagug or one of his spawn. Contaminated by the blood, the cultists emerged as horribly mutated creatures of hate and destruction. Nearly unstoppable in their mindless rage, they now live only to slaughter and destroy.

An abysogh stands at least 40 feet tall and weighs approximately 70 tons.


Though abysoghs are giants, their mutations have warped them into bigger, stronger, and more aggressive creatures than others of their kind. Centuries spent sleeping in lightless caverns have turned the giants’ skin to a pallid, milky white. Although sunlight does not harm them, they instinctively hate the sun for its connection to Sarenrae.

The eyes of an abysogh resemble misshapen pools of liquid. Completely blind to light and colors, their eyes instead perceive motion and shapes through lowfrequency vibrations, which cause ripples across the surfaces of their eyes. Only in this sense can they “see” the world around them.

The blood of these giants is black from the taint of Rovagug. Their bulging veins stretch out in weblike patterns across their pale skin. The cursed blood of the abysoghs also fuels their perpetual, mindless rage, rendering them incapable of being destroyed. Only electricity can momentarily snap them out of their rage and remind them of what they lost so long ago, allowing them to recover enough of their mortality to die.

Although abysoghs are far more intelligent than animals, their intellect is purely instinctual. The natural state of mind for these giants is a tempest of constant turmoil, and as such, it is impossible to affect their minds with magic.

For all of an abysogh’s strength and fury, its body can sustain an active, destructive state for only a few weeks or months at a time. Toward the end of an abysogh’s rampage, the giant becomes sluggish and weary, and starts looking for a place to rest. Once it finds a suitable place, it may remain dormant for decades, or even centuries.

An abysogh’s metabolism slows down considerably during sleep. Although mortal, abysoghs can theoretically live for millennia for this reason. However, because of their violent lives and their lack of society or reproduction, their numbers decrease with every passing century.

Habitat & Society

The lair of an abysogh is usually a vast cave in a mountainside or at the bottom of a deep, lightless chasm. The lair is bare of all decorations except for countless splintered bones and jagged rocks.

Much like Rovagug, abysoghs hate all creatures equally. They sometimes enslave lesser giants, but any such forced alliances are usually short-lived because of the abysoghs’ volatile temperaments. They cannot even stand the presence of others of their kind; such an encounter inevitably leads to an earth-shattering showdown between the two titans. This means that abysoghs never mate; all the abysoghs on Golarion today come from the original cult of corrupted storm giants. It is unknown whether the abysogh race is even fecund, and, if so, whether any potential offspring would possess abilities different from their forebears.

Because of their unquenchable desire to slaughter and destroy, abysoghs can’t coexist peacefully with any creatures save for the smallest and most unremarkable life forms. Tiny and smaller creatures are generally beneath an abysogh’s notice and can even live in its lair if they are careful enough to avoid disturbing the giant.

Sometimes, people unwittingly settle near a sleeping abysogh’s lair and may be completely oblivious to the giant’s presence for generations. The only telltale sign of a sleeping abysogh is that the region surrounding its lair is occasionally plagued by tremors caused by the creature’s restless slumber.

Rumors of a sleeping abysogh may attract followers of Rovagug to seek out its lair in order to awaken the giant. Such rumors may also attract giantslayers and followers of Sarenrae, who wish to thwart the cultists’ plans and slay the abysogh before it awakens.

When an abysogh awakens, it often attacks any creatures near its lair relentlessly, destroying or eating anything it can and saving only what it can use later to cause more destruction. An abysogh usually keeps a few of its victims for future use, either as ammunition or snacks. For this reason, the thunderous beat of an approaching abysogh’s footsteps is often accompanied by the lamentations of the giant’s battered victims as they’re carried along in its sack.