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Tree of Knowledge

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 250
Aura faint divination CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 3,000 gp; Weight 500 lbs.


This large tree bears both vibrant red and dull yellow apples. The imbiber of a red apple gains a +5 insight bonus on her next Knowledge check. Consuming a yellow apple grants a single use of augury. The effects of an apple wear off after 24 hours, whether or not its abilities have been used.

A tree of knowledge produces one red apple per day and one yellow apple per week during its growing season, which lasts for 13 weeks in the spring. The tree has no more than seven red apples and one yellow apple at any given time.


Requirements Cultivate Magic Plant, augury, cultivator must have 1 rank in Knowledge (nature); Cost 1,500 gp