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Salvation Cactus

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 249
Aura faint conjuration CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 8,000 gp; Weight 50 lbs.


This green cactus grows in even the most arid environments, and it has a number of medicinal qualities. Its flowers can be mashed into a paste and spread over a creature’s skin to grant fire resistance 3 for 1 hour. This paste can also be spread on the skin of a creature that has taken lethal fire damage within the last minute to restore 1d8+1 hit points. The fluids of the cactus can be consumed to remove negative effects caused by extreme heat, including exhaustion, fatigue, and nonlethal damage. This does not heal any lethal damage a creature has taken from extreme heat.

A salvation cactus generates one flower per week of its growing period and replenishes 1 dose of its fluid per day. It holds 4 doses of fluid and up to four flowers at a time. If all 4 doses of fluid are consumed without allowing the cactus to replenish any, the cactus dies. A salvation cactus has a growing season of 13 weeks in the summer.


Requirements Cultivate Magic Plant, cure light wounds, lesser restoration, cultivator must have 1 rank in Knowledge (nature); Cost 4,000 gp