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Poison Siphon Tree

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 249
Aura moderate conjuration CL 7th
Slot none; Price 56,000 gp; Weight 500 lbs.


This large tree has flat, spongy leaves, each about the size of a human’s hand. When a leaf is placed on the chest of a creature suffering from a poison effect, it slowly draws the poison out over the course of the next minute. While the leaf is pressed to a victim, the creature does not need to attempt ongoing saves against the poison currently affecting it. After 1 minute, the creature is affected by a neutralize poison effect (CL 7th).

A poison siphon tree yields one leaf per day of its two growing seasons, which run for 13 weeks each in the spring and fall. It has no more than six leaves at a time.


Requirements Cultivate Magic Plant, neutralize poison, cultivator must have 3 ranks in Knowledge (nature); Cost 28,000 gp