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Source Wilderness Origins pg. 16
Aura moderate conjuration CL 9th
Slot none; Price 7,200 gp; Weight 50 lbs.


The needles of this bitter, black herb grow in Numeria and are used to alleviate the effects of radiation poisoning. A creature that drinks tea made from the needles of cleanthistle is affected by a neutralize poison effect (CL 9th) except that the effect can neutralize only the oldest poison affecting the creature.

A cleanthistle stalk has a single 26-week growing period, through spring and summer. During this period, enough needles for a single dose of tea regrow 4 days after being harvested. The needles remain potent enough to brew for 1 week after being harvested.


Requirements Cultivate Magic Plant, neutralize poison, cultivator must have 5 ranks in Knowledge (nature); Cost 3,600 gp