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Ambrosial Lotus

Source Wilderness Origins pg. 16
Aura strong enchantment CL 12th
Slot none; Price 25,000 gp; Weight 50 lbs.


A creature who consumes an ambrosial lotus must succeed at a DC 17 Will save or be overtaken by such a state of total bliss so as to be almost oblivious to the world around him. The creature’s Intelligence and Charisma scores drop to 1, and the creature can no longer cast spells, understand language, or communicate. These effects are permanent unless removed with a heal, limited wish, miracle, or wish spell.

An ambrosial lotus stalk grows one flower per day during its 13-week growing period in spring.


Requirements Cultivate Magic Plant, feeblemind, cultivator must have 10 ranks in Knowledge (nature); Cost 12,500 gp