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Following in the Footsteps

Source Ruins of Azlant Player's Guide pg. 10
Category Campaign
One of your dear friends or family members was part of the first wave of colonists to be selected by the Bountiful Venture Company to establish Talmandor’s Bounty. You applied for the first wave as well, but weren’t selected. Now that you’ve made your way into the second wave, you can’t wait to be reunited with your family member. Your devotion to your family or friends is important to you, and it shows not only in how you feel about that friend or family member you are soon to reunite with, but also in how you treat other people with respect.

Whenever you use the aid another action to aid an adjacent ally, increase the bonus you grant your ally by 1. In addition, due to your positive and helpful nature, you gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks.