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Eagle Knight Recruit

Source Ruins of Azlant Player's Guide pg. 9
Category Campaign
Since Talmandor’s Bounty is an Andoren colony and is unlikely to see the threat of slavery, the presence of the Eagle Knights isn’t strongly needed, and the Bountiful Venture Company would prefer to not have that organization immediately associated with the colony (despite the colony’s name having been derived from the Eagle Knights’ patron, Talmandor). However, the need for safety can’t be overlooked. You were a soldier in the Andoren army or you were a civilian who showed great promise in military matters. The Eagle Knights recruited you and offered unofficial Eagle Knight status if you managed to make it into the ranks of the colonists. There, you would see to the safety of the colony and send back reports with each supply ship regarding the general state of the colony and any threats you notice. The Bountiful Venture Company admired your military prowess and selected you for the second wave of colonists to arrive at Talmandor’s Bounty.

You begin play with a breastplate, a longsword (or some other martial or simple weapon), and an additional 100 gp of gear. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects.