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Apprentice Devilbinder

Source Hell's Vengeance Player's Guide pg. 12
Category Campaign
It’s no secret that conjuring and binding devils is a popular pursuit in Cheliax, and you have served as an apprentice to a diabolist since a young age. Eventually, however, you decided you wanted more for yourself than a life of study and service, and when you felt you had learned all that you were likely to from your master, you struck out on your own. You know you can achieve the loftiest heights of power with the support of Hell behind you, just as you are aware you can fall to the lowest depths if you’re incautious and lose that support. You are determined to use your skills and abilities to bind Hell and its minions to your will, and to make a name for yourself as one of Cheliax’s premier devilbinders.

When you cast a summon monster spell to summon a devil or fiendish creature, the duration of that spell increases by 1 round. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus on opposed Charisma checks against devils conjured with planar binding spells, and payments to devils you conjure with planar ally spells are reduced by 10%.