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Adventurer's Armory

Estimated Release Date: 4/1/2010
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Afflictions - Poisons [1]


Equipment (Alchemical Reagents) [12]

Acid, Alchemical Grease, Alchemist's Fire, Antiplague, Antitoxin, Bladeguard, Flash Powder, Itching Powder, Liquid Ice, Smokestick, Tanglefoot Bag, Thunderstone

Equipment (Armor) [10]

Armored kilt, Field plate, Klar, Leaf armor, Madu (leather), Madu (steel), Parade, Rosewood armor, Stoneplate, Throwing shield

Equipment (Misc.) [234]

Abacus, Alchemical grease, Alchemical solvent, Allnight, Animal harness, Antiplague, Anvil, Area map, Arrow (grappling), Astrolabe, Authoritative vestments, Bachelor snuff, Backpack (masterwork), Balancing pole, Barbarian chew, Bat, Bat (Uskwood), Bear trap, Beast lure, Belladonna, Bellows, Bladeguard, Blanket, Block and tackle, Bloodblock, Board game, Bodybalm, Bowling set, Breakaway chains, Cage (Diminutive or Fine), Cage (Huge), Cage (Large), Cage (Small or Medium), Cage (Tiny), Canary, Cat (common), Cat (Osirian wise-eye), Caydenbrew, Chains of contrition, Chest (huge), Chest (large), Chest (medium), Chest (small), Clear ear, Cleats, Coffee (cup), Coffin (common), Coffin (ornate), Collapsible plank, Combat scabbard, Compass, Consecrated weapon, Cooking kit, Copy of a key, Corentyn wine, Distilled terrap sap, Doctor's mask, Doctor's outfit, Dog (guard), Dog (riding), Dog sled, Donkey rat, Drill, Dwarven stout (mug), Earplugs, Elephant, Eyeglasses, Falcon, Falconry gauntlet, False manacles, False-bottomed chest, False-bottomed cup, False-bottomed scabbard, Firework (paper candle), Firework (skyrocket), Firework (star candle), Firework (starfountain), Flash powder, Flayleaf, Flotation device, Folding chair, Folding ladder, Furs, Fuse grenade, Garlic, Glowing ink, Grog (mug), Hallowed chalice, Hammock, Harrow deck, Hat, Hawk, Helmet candle, Hollowed pommel, Holly, Horse (heavy), Horse (heavy, combat trained), Horse (light), Horse (light, combat trained), Hot weather outfit, Hourglass (1 hour), Hourglass (1 minute), Hourglass (6 seconds), Instrument of the divine, Invisible ink (average), Invisible ink (good), Invisible ink (simple), Invisible ink (superior), Iron spike, Iron vial, Itching powder, Jewelry, Juggler's kit, Kaava musk, Kahve (cup), Keros oil, Kite, Linnorm mead, Liquid ice, Lizard (common), Lizard (Nex gecko), Loaded dice (average), Loaded dice (superior), Lock of the saved, Magnet, Marbles, Marked cards, Marker dye, Mask, Meditation crystal, Mistletoe, Mithral manacles, Monkey, Mwangi coffee, Night tea, Oldlaw whiskey (bottle), Owl (common), Owl (Verduran), Pack animal (donkey/mule), Pack animal (ox), Pack animal (yak), Paper (sheet), Perfume/cologne, Pesh, Pickle extractor, Pickpocket's outfit, Pocket watch, Poison pill ring, Portable alchemist's lab, Portable altar, Powder, Printing press (1-page), Prosthetic (arm), Prosthetic (foot), Prosthetic (hand), Prosthetic (leg), Pseudodragon, Pump water canister, Puzzle box, Rat (blue), Rat (common), Rat (dire), Raven, Rice paper (sheet), Rumboozle (cup), Sanctified rings (pair), Sanctified shield, Saw, Sawback sword, Scarf, Scarf (pocketed), Scarf (reinforced), Scent cloak, Scroll case, Sextant, Shaving kit, Shield sconce, Shovel, common, Signal horn, Skeleton key, Slave, Slave (hard labor), Slave (household), Slave (slip, halfling), Slave (specialized), Smoke pellet, Snake (constrictor), Snake (viper), Sneezing powder, Snowshoes, Soap, Spear-thrower, Spiked focus ward, Stationery, Stirge, Stove can, Stretcher, String or twine (50 ft.), Surgeon's tools, Swim fins, Tattoo, Tea (ceremonial, cup), Tea (cup), Tea ceremony set, Teaching staff, Tear-away clothing, Tent (large), Tent (medium), Tent (pavilion), Tent (small), The Prophecies of Kalistrade, Thermometer, Thurible, Toad, Toad (vision), Tobacco, Traveling spellbook, Trespasser's boot, Vermin repellent, Vest, Wandermeal (per day), Water purification sponge, Waterproof bag, Waterproof lantern, Wax key blank, Weapon cord, Weasel, Whetstone, Whistle, Whistle (silent), Wig, Wolfsbane, Wrist sheath, Wrist sheath (spring loaded)

Equipment (Weapons) [64]

Aklys, Aldori dueling sword, Bardiche, Battle poi, Bayonet, Bec de corbin, Bill, Blade boot, Bladed scarf, Boomerang, Brass knuckles, Bullets, groaning (10), Butterfly knife, Cestus, Chain spear, Chakram, Combat scabbard, Combat scabbard, sharpened, Dogslicer, Double crossbow, Dwarven maulaxe, Earth breaker, Falcata, Flambard, Garrote, Glaive-guisarme, Hanbo, Horsechopper, Hunga munga, Khopesh, Klar, Lasso, Launching crossbow, Lucerne hammer, Madu (leather/steel), Mancatcher, Mere club, Meteor hammer, Ogre hook, Pata, Pilum, Rhoka sword, Rope gauntlet, Sawtooth sabre, Scizore, Scorpion whip, Shoanti bolas, Shotel, Sica, Sling glove, Stingchuck, Switchblade knife, Swordbreaker dagger, Syringe spear, Temple sword, Terbutje, Terbutje, steel, Thistle arrow, Thorn bow, Throwing shield, Urumi, War razor, Whistling arrows (20), Wooden stake

Equipment Tricks [2]

Heavy Blade Scabbard Tricks, Shield Tricks

Feats [3]

Equipment Trick, Sly Draw, Splash Weapon Mastery

Traits [13]

Augmented Disguise, Dealmaker, Extremely Fashionable, Heirloom Weapon, Improvisational Equipment, Iron Liver, Power of Suggestion, Prehensile Whip, Quick Learner, Rough and Ready, Stage Magic, Stealthy Escape, Thrown-Together Fashion