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Source Ranged Tactics Toolbox pg. 33, Adventurer's Armory pg. 3, Advanced Player's Guide pg. 178, Ultimate Equipment pg. 21


Cost 1 sp Weight 5 lbs.
Damage — (small), — (medium); Critical —; Range —; Type —; Special see text
Category Ranged; Proficiency Exotic
Weapon Groups Thrown


This thrown weapon is a length of rope with a simple open knot on one end that allows you entangle a foe like you would using a net. The DC to cast a spell while entangled with a lasso is 10 + the spell level being cast. An entangled creature can slip free with a successful DC 15 Escape Artist check as a full-round action. The lasso has 2 hit points and AC 10, and requires a DC 23 Strength check to break it. On a successful hit, the lasso tightens; to use it again you must spend a standard action sliding the knot to enlarge the loop.