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Psychic Disciplines

Description Source: Occult Adventures
The following disciplines represent those most commonly chosen by psychics. Followers of a discipline might come to it in a variety of different ways, and though some might join together in orders, others follow personal, singular interpretations of the discipline.

NameSummaryPool Ability
AbominationYour mind is impure, tainted by outside forces.Charisma
BleachingYou draw power from a void in your emotions, a yawning and empty chasm where your hopes and dreams and fears should be.Wisdom
DreamYou discover deeper and more powerful corners of your mind through journeys you make in your dreams.Charisma
EnlightenmentYour quest for enlightenment has opened your eyes to new concepts and heights of spiritual awareness.Wisdom
FaithYour belief in a higher power fuels your psychic abilities.Wisdom
FerocityYou are in touch with the most primal part of your subconscious.Wisdom
Hag-CalledA hag’s call echoes through your mind like a siren’s song, enticing you to surrender and become something horrible.Charisma
HauntedYou attract the attention of spirits as naturally as a lodestone attracts iron filings.Charisma
LoreBy collecting expert information and reading all sorts of treatises and chapbooks on occult subjects, you learn proper techniques and rituals to empower your mental abilities.Wisdom
MindtechYou are innately tied to and can communicate with electronic machinery and similar technological objects, through which you can funnel your psychic power like flowing water.Wisdom
PageantryThe act of ritual, no matter how ostentatious, can be a route to mental strength.Charisma
PainMental blocks prevent your immense inborn psychic energies from flowing freely.Charisma
PsychedeliaYou ingest hallucinogens to expand your mind.Wisdom
RapportForging a close bond with other people brings out the best in you, making it easier for you to link your mind with theirs.Charisma
RebirthYour mind is forged from the most powerful memories of a multitude of lifetimes.Charisma
RivethunYou have embraced those aspects of your body that cause you agony, respecting the perspective they grant you if not necessarily the roles they’ve condemned you to in life.Charisma
Self-PerfectionYou take a holistic view of psychic power, believing that you must hone both your mental and physical attributes to remain in balance.Wisdom
ShadowYou perceive the space between light and darkness, and draw power from it.Wisdom
SorrowYou draw strength from deep feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and sadness, turning these emotions into a powerful weapon or a barrier that protects you.Charisma
SuperiorityYou know that you are far better than average creatures of your kind.Charisma
SymbiosisLike pollen on the wind or the roots of plants in the ground, your thoughts permeate your surroundings, allowing you to study and manipulate the world around you.Charisma
TranquilityPsychic magic flows through you when you attain a peaceful mental state.Wisdom
WarpRatfolk mythology claims they were appointed by the gods to sniff out the ragged edges of creation.Charisma