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Psi-Tech Discoveries

Description Source: Occult Realms
A psychic can learn a psi-tech discovery in place of a phrenic amplification or a feat. Many of these discoveries use the rules for advanced technology found in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide.

Artificial Ascension (Occult Realms pg. 12): You can upload your consciousness into a robot, becoming an artificial intelligence. Performing this ascension requires uninterrupted access to a construct with the robot subtype and at least 10 Hit Dice for 24 hours, during which time you cannot perform other tasks. Any interruptions cause the upload to fail. At the end of the 24 hours your consciousness is successfully uploaded into the robot. If the robot is not willing, it must attempt a Will save (DC = 1/2 your psychic level + your Intelligence modifier). If it is successful, the robot rejects your consciousness, rendering you staggered for 24 hours and unable to perform the ritual again during this time.

If your consciousness is successfully uploaded, the robot’s consciousness is destroyed and your physical body immediately dies and can’t be raised, resurrected, or otherwise brought back to life. Your creature type changes to artificial intelligence, and your robot body gains the aggregate template (Technology Guide 59), with all the adjustments made in the template’s description.

As a full-round action, you can attempt to upload your consciousness to any other robot within 30 feet that has 10 Hit Dice or more. If the robot is not willing to serve as your vessel, it receives a Will save as above, except if it succeeds, your current robot body is staggered for only 1 minute. If it fails, you move from your current body to the new host body, granting it the aggregate template. Your previous robot body is immediately destroyed by the transference.

If the robot you inhabit is destroyed, you are destroyed along with it. You cannot be brought back to life by any means. You must be 20th level to select this discovery.
Disease Transference (Su) (Occult Realms pg. 12): You are able to psychically control and manipulate all manner of diseases. You can cast diagnose disease (Ultimate Magic 216) as a spell-like ability at will. Additionally, you can touch a creature afflicted with a disease as a standard action and draw the disease into yourself, or transfer it to another willing living creature that is susceptible to diseases and that you (or the afflicted creature) are also touching. Attempt a caster level check against a DC equal to 10 + the disease’s Fortitude save DC. If you are successful, the afflicted creature is no longer affected by the disease. If you move the disease into yourself or another creature you (or the afflicted) are touching, the target receiving the disease must immediately attempt a Fortitude save as if it were initially exposed to the disease. If the target fails, the disease affects it immediately with no onset time. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier. You must be at least 7th level to select this discovery.
Force Field (Su) (Occult Realms pg. 12): As a swift action, you can spend 1 point from your phrenic pool to activate a force field of raw psychic energy that provides you with a number of temporary hit points equal to 5 + your psychic level (maximum 10 temporary hit points). If you spend 2 points from your phrenic pool, the force field provides a number of temporary hit points equal to 10 + your psychic level (maximum 20 temporary hit points). The force field lasts for a number of minutes equal to your psychic level. If you spend 3 points from your phrenic pool, the force field lasts for twice as long, and it provides fast healing 2. Once the temporary hit points are depleted, the force field disappears and you cannot reinstate it for 24 hours. You must be at least 3rd level to select this discovery.
Kinetic Enhancement (Occult Realms pg. 12): You can generate kinetic energy to aid yourself in close-quarters scrapes. You can add your Intelligence modifier as a bonus on combat maneuver checks and to your CMD. You can also add your Intelligence modifier as a bonus on Strength checks to break or lift objects.
Laser Blast (Su) (Occult Realms pg. 13): You can generate laser blasts powered by your psychic energy. As a standard action, you can sacrifice an unused spell slot of 1st level or higher and transform it into a ray of laser energy, targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. This attack deals 2d6 points of fire damage plus an additional 1d6 points of fire damage for every level of the spell slot you sacrificed. You can’t sacrifice 0-level spells in this manner. You must be at least 11th level to select this discovery.
Mind Over Augmentation (Occult Realms pg. 13): When you’re determining how many cybernetic implants you can have, the total implantation values of all cybertech implanted in you can’t exceed your Intelligence score + 4 (ignoring your Constitution score).
Psychic Battery (Su) (Occult Realms pg. 13): You can expend an unused spell slot or a number of points from your phrenic pool as a swift action to power a technological device you are touching. Each spell level expended in this way grants the device 1 charge, and every 2 points from your phrenic pool spent grant 1 charge. Any charges unused at the end of the round are lost, and any charges used by the device that round that aren’t provided by you must come from the device’s own power reserves. You cannot use this ability to power timeworn technology. You can power only devices that use charges. You must be at least 7th level to select this discovery.
Radiation Resistance (Occult Realms pg. 13): You apply your Intelligence modifier as a bonus on all Fortitude saves versus the effects of radiation (Technology Guide 55).
Techsmith (Occult Realms pg. 13): Select one type of technological item (armor, cybertech, pharmaceuticals, technological gear, or weapons). You can create items of this type 25% faster than normal, and you gain a +4 bonus on Craft (mechanical) checks (or other checks, as appropriate) to craft items of this type. You can select this discovery multiple times; its effects do not stack. Instead, each time you select this discovery, it applies to a single different type of technological item.