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Psychic Archetypes

AmnesiacSpellcastingThe amnesiac once possessed great psychic power, but mental blocks—resulting from either a traumatic event or intentional implantation—have caused her to forget what she knew before
Esoteric StarseekerDiscipline Spells; 1st, 11th-level Phrenic Amplifications; Major AmplificationsAn esoteric starseeker is a psychic who focuses her studies on uncovering the secrets of the sky and the constellations of the Cosmic Caravan.
Formless AdeptPhrenic Pool; Psychic Discipline; Discipline Powers; 1st and 15th-level Phrenic Amplification; Discipline Spells; Remade SelfFormless adepts master their psychic powers to unshackle themselves from the confines of the flesh and empower their spellcasting.
Magaambyan TelepathDiscipline Spells; 1st, 11th-level Phrenic Amplifications; Telepathic Bond; TelepathyFollowers of Old-Mage Jatembe’s more esoteric wisdom instead focus on the occult connection between all living creatures and the resonance between the natural and supernatural world.
Mutation Mind1st-level Phrenic Amplification; Phrenic Amplifications; Major AmplificationsExposure to unintended spell effects, curses, or sources of radiation cause some to manifest psychic powers. When a mutation mind uses her psychic abilities, her physical body changes under the stress, and she risks losing control if she pushes too far.
Psychic Duelist4th-level Discipline Spell; 7th-level Phrenic Amplification; Phrenic Amplifications; Telepathic Bond; TelepathyPsychic duelists hone their mental powers for combat, much as warriors do with their blades.
Psychic MarauderAlignment; Detect Thoughts; 3rd, 11th, 19th-level Phrenic Amplification; Telepathic Bond; Remade Self The psychic marauder’s powers come hand in hand with madness, either from exposure to alien psyches or from terrifying glimpses into the cosmos that the psychic can’t suppress.
Terror WeaverDetect Thoughts; Telepathic Bond; 11th, 15th, 19th-level Phrenic AmplificationsA number of exceptional Darklands half-orcs have developed potent psychic abilities, unlocked by generations of exposure to a specific combination of mind-altering fungi and radiation