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Kineticist Class Details | Elements | Wild Talents | Archetypes

Kineticist Elements

Description Source: Occult Adventures
A kineticist can choose from among the following elements. Infusion wild talents are marked with a dagger (†); all other wild talents listed below from 1st-9th are utility wild talents.


Source Occult Adventures pg. 14
Kineticists who focus on the element of aether—a rare substance formed when elemental energy affects the Ethereal Plane—are called telekineticists. Telekineticists use strands of aether to move objects with their minds.
Class Skills: A telekineticist adds Knowledge (engineering) and Sleight of Hand to her list of class skills.

Wild Talents
Simple Blast - telekinetic blast
Composite Blasts - aetheric boost, force blast
Defense - force ward
1st - basic telekinesis, kinetic cover, kinetic healer, pushing infusion, telekinetic boomerang, telekinetic finesse
2nd - angelic protection, bowling infusion, telekinetic haul
3rd - foe throw, force hook, primal aether, self telekinesis, telekinetic invisibility, touchsight
4th - healing burst, spying touchsight, telekinetic maneuvers
5th - aether puppet, force barrier, self telekinesis, greater, touchsight, reactive
6th - disintegrating infusion, kinetic revivification, suffocate
7th - spell deflection
8th - many throw, telekinetic deflection, telekinetic globe
9th - aether architect


Source Occult Adventures pg. 14
Kineticists who focus on the element of air are called aerokineticists. Aerokineticists often control air flow or electricity, specializing in mobility and ranged combat.
Class Skills: An aerokineticist adds Fly and Knowledge (nature) to her list of class skills.

Wild Talents
Simple Blast - air blast, electric blast
Composite Blasts - blizzard blast, charged water blast, plasma blast, sandstorm blast, spring blast, thunderstorm blast
Defense - enveloping winds
1st - aerial adaptation, air cushion, air shroud, air's leap, air's reach, basic aerokinesis, energize weapon, gusting infusion, pushing infusion, thundering infusion, voice of the wind
2nd - living capacitor, penetrating infusion, voice of the wind, greater
3rd - aerial evasion, bolt, celerity, engulfing winds, magnetic infusion, magnetism, synaptic infusion, torrent, windsight, wings of air
4th - body of air, cyclone
5th - air shroud, greater, chain, unfolding wind infusion, windsight, greater
6th - suffocate, wind manipulator
7th - cloud, sky walk
8th - weather master
9th - hurricane queen, magnetism, greater


Source Occult Adventures pg. 14
Kineticists who focus on the element of earth are called geokineticists. Geokineticists manipulate the earth itself, and they are masters of defensive techniques.
Class Skills: A geokineticist adds Climb and Knowledge (dungeoneering) to her list of class skills.

Wild Talents
Simple Blast - earth blast
Composite Blasts - autumn blast, magma blast, metal blast, mud blast, sandstorm blast
Defense - flesh of stone
1st - basic geokinesis, earth walk, kinetic cover, pushing infusion
2nd - bowling infusion, earth climb, entangling infusion
3rd - clockwork heart, earth child, impale, jagged flesh, magnetic infusion, magnetism, pillar, rare-metal infusion, tremorsense
4th - earthmeld, enduring earth, shift earth
5th - clockwork puppet, earth glide, elemental transmission, spark of innovation, stone sculptor, tremor, tremorsense, greater, untwisting iron infusion
6th - deadly earth
7th - fragmentation, shift earth, greater
8th - earth tongue
9th - magnetism, greater, seismic master


Source Occult Adventures pg. 14
Kineticists who focus on the element of fire are called pyrokineticists. Pyrokineticists wield elemental fire as a potent weapon, and they possess a powerful offense.
Class Skills: A pyrokineticist adds Escape Artist and Knowledge (nature) to her list of class skills.

Wild Talents
Simple Blast - fire blast
Composite Blasts - blue flame blast, magma blast, plasma blast, steam blast, summer blast
Defense - searing flesh
1st - basic pyrokinesis, burning infusion, cold adaptation, dazzling infusion, energize weapon, fan of flames, fire sculptor, fire's fury, heat adaptation
2nd - fire steed, flame trap, foxfire, penetrating infusion, searing flame
3rd - eruption, firesight, flame jet, foxfire infusion, heat wave, smoke storm, torrent
4th - detonation, flash infusion, purifying flames
5th - elemental transmission, fire corridor, flame jet, greater, flame shield, improved fire steed, trail of flames, unblinking flame infusion, unraveling infusion
6th - brilliant infusion, purging flame
7th - explosion, pure-flame infusion
8th - greater fire steed
9th - from the ashes


Source Occult Adventures pg. 14
The following wild talents are available to all kineticists.
Class Skills: N/A

Wild Talents
Simple Blast - N/A
Composite Blasts - N/A
Defense - N/A
1st - draining infusion, elemental whispers, extended range, infernal bargain, kinetic awe, kinetic blade, kinetic dissolution, kinetic fist, mesmerizing elementalist, nine-tailed kineticist, skilled kineticist, tengu blade lore, venom speaker
2nd - blade rush, focused blast, kundalini infusion, past life evoker, skilled kineticist, greater, spindle, venom admixture
3rd - elemental grip, elemental trap, elemental whispers, greater, extreme range, flurry of blasts, kinetic restoration, kinetic whip, mobile blast, snake, stylish infusion
4th - expanded defense, venom infusion
5th - blade whirlwind, grappling infusion, kinetic form, spark of life, wall
6th - ride the blast, whip hurricane
7th - shepherd of souls, venom infusion, greater
8th - elemental exile, reverse shift
9th - N/A


Source Occult Origins pg. 6
Like aether, void forms where elemental energy meets another material, in this case the substance of the Negative Energy Plane. Chaokineticists command this strange force in a way that in some respects resembles the manipulation of aether.
Class Skills: A chaokineticist adds Knowledge (dungeoneering) and Escape Artist to her list of class skills.

Wild Talents
Simple Blast - gravity blast, negative blast
Composite Blasts - gravitic boost, negative admixture, void blast
Defense - emptiness
1st - basic chaokinesis, dampening infusion, energize weapon, pulling infusion, pushing infusion, void healer
2nd - eyes of the void, no breath, weighing infusion
3rd - darkness infusion, gravity control, undead grip, unnerving infusion
4th - absentia, corpse puppet, curse breaker, healing burst, singularity, turning blast
5th - eyes of the void, greater, gravity control, greater, vampiric infusion
6th - darkness infusion, greater, suffocate
7th - enervating infusion
8th - N/A
9th - gravity master


Source Occult Adventures pg. 14
Kineticists who focus on the element of water are called hydrokineticists. Hydrokineticists master the flow of water or the numbing chill of cold, and they are known for their versatility and flowing forms, like the ever-changing currents.
Class Skills: A hydrokineticist adds Knowledge (nature) and Swim to her list of class skills.

Wild Talents
Simple Blast - cold blast, water blast
Composite Blasts - blizzard blast, charged water blast, ice blast, mud blast, steam blast, winter blast
Defense - shroud of water
1st - basic hydrokinesis, cold adaptation, energize weapon, heat adaptation, icewalker, kinetic cover, kinetic healer, pushing infusion, quenching infusion, slick, water alteration
2nd - angelic protection, entangling infusion, penetrating infusion, slick infusion, veil of mists
3rd - cold snap, impale, pillar, torrent, water manipulator, waterdancer
4th - healing burst, ice sculptor, spray, watersense
5th - chilling infusion, elemental transmission, shimmering mirage, splash of the styx, unbreaking waves infusion, waterdancer, greater, watersense, greater
6th - ice path, kinetic revivification, suffocate
7th - cloud, fragmentation
8th - cryokinetic stasis, maelstrom
9th - tidal wave


Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 58, Occult Origins pg. 8
Kineticists who focus on the concept of wood as an element are known as phytokineticists. Phytokineticists share a strong bond with the First World and channel the power of primordial life. As there is no “Elemental Plane of Wood,” the phytokineticist draws upon pockets of vital energy that form when the Elemental Planes grind against the borders of the First World.
Class Skills: A phytokineticist adds Handle Animal and Knowledge (nature) to her list of class skills.

Wild Talents
Simple Blast - positive blast, wood blast
Composite Blasts - autumn blast, positive admixture, spring blast, summer blast, verdant blast, winter blast
Defense - flesh of wood
1st - basic phytokinesis, dazzling infusion, kinetic cover, photokinetic infusion, pushing infusion, roots, wood healer, woodland step
2nd - angelic protection, entangling infusion, foxfire, merciful foliage
3rd - brachiation, foxfire infusion, impale, pillar, thorn flesh, warp wood
4th - greensight, healing burst, herbal antivenom, plant disguise, shape wood, toxic infusion, turning blast
5th - plant puppet, spore infusion, wild growth, woodland step, greater
6th - deadly earth, green tongue
7th - green tongue, greater, toxic infusion, greater, tree step
8th - wood soldiers
9th - forest siege