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Source Psychic Anthology pg. 20
Element water; Type substance infusion; Level 8; Burn 4
Prerequisite extended range
Associated Blasts charged water, water
Saving Throw Reflex partial
You create a 20-foot-radius whirling maelstrom in a body of water within 120 feet (the area of the maelstrom does not include any squares in the radius that aren’t in the water). Any creature in the maelstrom immediately takes one-quarter your blast’s normal damage regardless of whether it succeeds at its save. A creature that succeeds at its Reflex save can choose to exit the area at the closest space. A creature in the maelstrom must succeed at a DC 35 Swim check in order to swim, and any creature that enters the maelstrom or ends its turn in the maelstrom takes half your blast’s normal damage. As a free action at the beginning of your turn, you can position each creature in the maelstrom anywhere you choose within the affected area. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier or until you use this infusion again. You can use grappling infusion with this infusion.