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Weapon blanch (ghost salt)

Source Pathfinder Society Field Guide pg. 48
Price 200 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.
Category Alchemical Tools


This gritty alchemical powder is made from exotic minerals mixed with an infusion crafted from the ectoplasmic remains of destroyed incorporeal undead. When rubbed onto a weapon that is then placed over a hot flame for a full round, ghost salt melts and forms a temporary coating on the weapon. The blanching gives the weapon the ability to do full damage to incorporeal creatures, even if the weapon itself is nonmagical. An application of ghost salt remains effective until the weapon makes a successful attack. Each dose of weapon blanch can coat one weapon or up to 10 pieces of ammunition. Only one kind of weapon blanch can be on a weapon at one time (see the Advanced Player’s Guide for other forms of weapon blanch).