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Description Source: Ultimate Equipment
This section includes several kits of preselected gear for each character class or for specific adventuring purposes (dungeoneering, spelunking, and so on). GMs can use these kits to quickly round out an NPC’s gear. Players can use them to equip new PCs in a hurry or as a shorthand for providing gear for cohorts, followers, minions, and hirelings. The listed price for the kit includes a small discount for purchasing these items as a group. Items in a kit that are used up, destroyed, or lost cost the full price to replace.

For PFS Players: Note that any inidividual items found in kits can not be sold back seperately.

1 These items weigh one-quarter this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.
2 These items weigh approximately three-quarters this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.

Alchemist's kit 40 gp 24 lbs.2
Arcane adept package1000 gp45 lbs.
Arcanist's kit21 gp34 lbs.2
Arctic kit27 gp30 lbs.
Barbarian’s kit 9 gp 26 lbs.2
Bard’s kit 41 gp 33-1/2 lbs.2
Bloodrager's kit9 gp27 lbs.2
Bounty hunter's kit (common)105 gp15 lbs.
Bounty hunter's kit (superior)380 gp24 lbs.
Brawler's kit9 gp36-1/2 lbs.2
Breaker's kit353 gp40 lbs.
Campsite kit 12 gp 80 lbs.
Cat burglar's kit15 gp12 lbs.
Cavalier’s kit 23 gp 112 lbs.2
Chirurgeon's kit 400 gp 4 lbs.
Chronicler's kit 40 gp 4-1/2 lbs.
Cleric’s kit 16 gp 32 lbs.2
Cooking kit 3 gp 16 lbs.
Courtesan's kit10 gp5 lbs.2
Daring bravo package1000 gp76 1/2 lbs.
Desert kit30 gp20 lbs.
Diver's kit121 gp38 lbs.
Dragonslayer’s Kit 485 gp 64 lbs.
Druid’s kit 14 gp 44 lbs.2
Dungeoneering kit (common) 15 gp 25 lbs.
Dungeoneering kit (deluxe) 130 gp 15 lbs.
Elemental explorer's kit2,700 gp8 lbs.
Emergency interrogation kit1,665 gp3 lbs.
Entertainer's kit 5 sp 3 lbs.
Exorcism kit950 gp44 lbs.
Fiendslayer's kit1,100 gp9 lbs.
Fighter's kit 9 gp 29 lbs.2
Fire giant hunter's kit300 gp25 lbs.
Fire pump200 gp500 lbs.
Fishing kit 5 sp 3 lbs.
Forest kit25 gp29 lbs.
Fraudulent medium's kit50 gp10 lbs.
Frost giant hunter's kit305 gp35 lbs.
Gambler's kit (cheating) 300 gp 5 lbs.
Gambler's kit (common) 75 gp 5 lbs.
Gear maintenance kit 5 gp 2 lbs.
Ghost hunter's kit670 gp22 lbs.
Giant lair infiltrator's kit215 gp33 lbs.
Gravedigger's kit265 gp22 lbs.
Guard's kit20 gp20 lbs.
Gunslinger's kit 26 gp 31 lbs.
Gunsmith's kit 15 gp 2 lbs.
Holy warrior package1000 gp102 lbs.
Hunter's kit15 gp43-1/2 lbs.2
Infiltration kit140 gp15 lbs.
Inquisitor's kit 30 gp 34 lbs.2
Interrogation tools30 gp1 lb.
Investigator's kit40 gp37 lbs.2
Invisible enemies kit900 gp4 lbs.
Kineticist's kit8 gp22 lbs.
Knight's kit751 gp17 lbs.
Light kit170 gp6 lbs.
Lore seeker package1000 gp44 lbs.
Magus's kit 22 gp 31 lbs.2
Medium's kit40 gp14 lbs.
Melee contingency kit150 gp14 lbs.
Mesmerist's kit35 gp26-1/2 lbs.
Mess kit 2 sp 1 lb.
Mobile hospital1,000 gp500 lbs.
Monk's kit 8 gp 22 lbs.2
Monster hunter's kit (abberation)257 gp15 1/2 lbs.
Monster hunter's kit (fey)224 gp15 1/2 lbs.
Monster hunter's kit (ooze)232 gp17 lbs.
Monster hunter's kit (regular)202 gp15 lbs.
Musk kit25 gp1 lb.
Mystic guide package1000 gp67 lbs.
Occultist's kit45 gp32-1/2 lbs.
Oracle's kit 9 gp 29 lbs.2
Out-of-towner's kit55 gp1 lb.
Paladin's kit 11 gp 30 lbs.2
Pathfinder's kit12 gp22 lbs.
Phrenologist's kit50 gp5 lbs.
Planar traveler's kit350 gp3 lbs.
Portable prison200 gp300 lbs.
Psychic's kit35 gp27 lbs.
Pyramid buster's kit310 gp8 lbs.
Pyrography kit 1 gp 2 lbs.
Questing knight package1000 gp127 1/2 lbs.
Ranger's kit 9 gp 28 lbs.2
Riding kit (common) 16 gp 54 lbs.
Riding kit (exotic mount) 36 gp 59 lbs.
Rogue's kit 50 gp 37 lbs.2
Scrivener's kit 2 gp 1 lb.
Seance kit290 gp12 lbs.
Shadowy stalker package1000 gp63 lbs.
Shaman's kit15 gp44 lbs.2
Shaving kit 15 sp 1/2 lb.
Skald's kit37 gp47-1/2 lbs.2
Skeleton slayer's kit120 gp32 lbs.
Slayer's kit22 gp43-1/2 lbs.2
Sorcerer's kit 8 gp 19 lbs.2
Spelunking kit 174 gp 32 lbs.
Spiritualist's kit50 gp34 lbs.
Spycatcher's kit260 gp7-1/2 lbs.
Spy's kit140 gp12-1/2 lbs.
Summoner's kit 8 gp 19 lbs.2
Survival kit (common) 5 gp 4 lbs.2
Survival kit (masterwork) 50 gp 5 lbs.2
Swashbuckler's kit9 gp42 lbs.2
Taxidermy tools80 gp10 lbs.
Tracker's kit563 gp33 lbs.
Trapper's kit263 gp90 lbs.
Traveling garden200 gp500 lbs.
Trickster's kit474 gp23 lbs.
Troll slayer's kit 30 gp 17 lbs.
Tropical kit120 gp6 lbs.
Undead slayer's kit 402 gp 7 lbs.
Undead survivor's kit900 gp3 lbs.
Undeath aid kit500 gp1/2 lb.
Underground survival kit644 gp30 lbs.
Vampire slayer's kit500 gp8 lbs.
Warpriest's kit16 gp31 lbs.2
Watchman's kit3 gp10 lbs.
Wilderness wanderer package1000 gp108 1/2 lbs.
Witch's kit 21 gp 21 lbs.2
Wizard's kit 21 gp 21 lbs.2
Zombie slayer's kit170 gp31 lbs.