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Trickster's kit

Source Dragonslayer's Handbook pg. 7
Price 474 gp; Weight 23 lbs.
Category Kits


For those brave enough to match wits with draconic intellects, this kit can help a dragonslayer sneak into or out of a dragon’s lair or trick a dragon should the interloper be discovered. It includes a pot of alchemical greaseUE, a board gameUE, five candles, a candle lampUE, a common snorkelUE, fake footprint shoesUE, a grappling hook, a mirror, a periscopeUE, a potion of eagle’s splendor, two sacks, a scent cloakUE, 50 feet of silk rope, a smokestick, a dose of sneezing powderUE, five tindertwigs, and 50 feet of twine.