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Source Horror Adventures pg. 212
Price 20 gp; Weight 1 lb.
Category Torture Implements


This surgical instrument has a serrated, circular blade that is used to bore holes into the skulls of patients to relieve cranial swelling from head trauma or, as some chirurgeons believe, release evil spirits. Use of a trephine takes 10 minutes, and deals 5 points of piercing damage to the subject creature. With a successful DC 25 Heal check, the user can heal up to 1d4 points of ability damage to any one mental ability score caused by physical trauma to the head, such as the critical called shot or debilitating blow called shot (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 196), or it can cure the severe brain trauma inflicted by the debilitating blow called shot. If the user fails the check, the subject still takes 5 points of piercing damage. If the user fails the check by 5 or more, the subject instead takes 10 points of piercing damage and 1 point of damage each to its Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores.