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Source Alchemy Manual pg. 30, Ultimate Equipment pg. 103, PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 158
Price 1 gp; Weight
Category Alchemical Tools


The alchemical substance on the end of this small, wooden stick ignites when struck against a rough surface (a move action). Creating a flame with a tindertwig is much faster than creating a flame with tinder and a flint and steel or magnifying glass. Lighting a torch with a tindertwig is a standard action rather than a full-round action, and lighting any other fire with one is at least a standard action. A tindertwig burns for 1d2 rounds and sheds light as a candle. Tindertwigs are waterproof, but must be dried before you can strike them.

Alchemical Recipe

Recipe (2 brimstone + 1 phosphorus)/ceration; Craft 25
Time 10 minutes; Tools crucible; Type alchemical tool