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Source Horror Adventures pg. 212
Price 15 gp (common), 50 gp (masterwork); Weight 1 lb. (common), 1 lb. (masterwork)


Both a torture and restraining device, this small, metal armature consists of two parallel, spikestudded bars that close together as the user tightens the frame’s screws, crushing a victim’s thumbs between them. A victim restrained by a thumbscrew is able to move but can’t effectively wield weapons, hold items, or perform any actions or skill checks that require manual dexterity, taking a –5 penalty on all such actions and dealing 1d6 points of nonlethal damage to himself with each attempt (this doesn’t include Escape Artist attempts to escape the thumbscrew). Spellcasters bound by thumbscrews are unable to cast spells with somatic components.

When using a thumbscrew as a torture device, the user can turn the thumbscrew’s bolt to deal 1d6 points of nonlethal damage. Escaping from a thumbscrew requires a successful DC 28 Escape Artist check (DC 30 for a masterwork thumbscrew).