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Tent cover

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 244
Price 15 gp; Weight 15 lbs.
Category Adventuring Gear


When fastened over a normal tent, this sheet of resilient waterproof animal gut provides an additional layer of protection against harsh weather and pestering insects. Attaching the cover requires 1 minute of work. The occupants of a tent that is fitted with the cover gain a +5 circumstance bonus on saves to resist the adverse effects of dust storms, rain, snow, and other harmful weather conditions. The occupants also gain DR 5/— against swarm damage caused by swarms composed of Diminutive or smaller creatures outside the tent. If an occupant takes no damage from a swarm as a result of this DR, she is not affected by the swarm’s distraction ability. The swarm can attempt a DC 20 Reflex save as a full-round action to enter the tent and deal full damage in subsequent rounds.