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Smuggler's wagon

Source Villain Codex pg. 116
Price varies; Price of Passage (per mile) varies
Category Transport, Land


A smuggler’s wagon functions in most respects exactly like an ordinary wagon (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment 87), except it contains hidden compartments that allow for cargo to be transported in secret. The price of a smuggler’s wagon depends on two factors—the size or type of the original wagon, and the skill with which the hidden compartments have been constructed. The table below details the prices of such a vehicle (the numbers in parentheses indicate the DC for a Perception check to successfully locate the hidden compartments during a search of the wagon).
Concealment Quality
SizeLow (15)Med. (20)High (25)
Light75 gp100 gp150 gp
Medium115 gp150 gp225 gp
Heavy150 gp200 gp300 gp

Compartments can be located throughout the wagon, in such places as a hollowed-out axle, beneath the seats, between panels on the floor decking, and so forth. The total amount of weight the wagon and its draft animals can accommodate remains the same as the original variety of wagon.