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Repellent salts

Source Haunted Heroes Handbook pg. 13
Price 100 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.
Category Adventuring Gear


This fine alchemical salt has been developed to work against particular types of foes. A batch of repellent salts is attuned to undead or a selected outsider race, such as angels, demons, or devils. As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, a dose of repellent salts can be applied to a 5-foot-square area that functions as difficult terrain for the salt’s attuned creature type. Any creature can sweep the salts aside as a move action (or as a full-round action for an attuned creature, which deals that creature 2d4 points of acid damage in the process); moderate wind also disperses all repellent salts in a square (including the draft created by a winged creature of at least Medium size that flies within 5 feet of the salts). Alternatively, a vial of repellent salts can be used as a splash weapon against the target creature, with a successful hit dealing 2d4 points of acid damage to the creature struck (or 1 point to an attuned creature within 5 feet of the target and thus exposed to the attack’s splash).