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Rat cage

Source Horror Adventures pg. 212
Price 5 gp; Weight 15 lbs.
Category Torture Implements


This specially crafted steel cage can hold up to 20 rats, and includes stout leather straps around its open end and a metal crucible for holding hot charcoal or other fuel on its top end. Torturers tightly strap the open end of the device to a helpless victim’s abdomen, insert the rats into the cage, and set the crucible’s fuel alight. In 1d10 rounds, the increasing heat causes the rats to gnaw and dig their way through the victim’s abdomen to escape, dealing 1 point of piercing damage per rat each round. A victim can wiggle free of a rat cage with a successful DC 20 Escape Artist check, though some of the voracious vermin may continue their consumption in subsequent rounds.