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Pump organ

Source Haunted Heroes Handbook pg. 11
Price 2,000 gp; Weight 100 lbs.
Category Black Market


This large mobile keyboard instrument resembles a strange chair with several brass tubes jutting from its back and small wheels on the feet for ease of transportation. A pump organ can seat a single Medium creature, which can operate the keyboard and pedals to create haunting melodies out of the brass pipework along the organ’s back frame. All pump organs function as masterwork instruments for Perform (keyboard instruments) checks. With 10 minutes of work and a successful DC 15 Perform (keyboard instruments) check, a user can manipulate the pump organ’s controls to create a 1-minue long performance that does not require an operator—the pump organ can be set to activate after a preset duration via a timer (up to 24 hours) or to begin when a remote trigger is activated. The trigger can be connected to the pump organ via a set of pulleys and twine normally stored in a compartment under the organ’s seat cushion with a successful DC 15 Disable Device check. The remote trigger can be placed up to 60 feet from the pump organ.