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Poison lip paint

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 233
Price 5 gp; Weight
Category Adventuring Gear


Poison lip paint is a favorite among courtiers who practice the arts of deception and intrigue. It allows the wearer to deliver a dose of contact or ingested poison by means of a kiss. This kiss can be to the hand, cheek, or other exposed skin to deliver a contact poison, but must be on the mouth for an ingested poison. A kiss delivers the full dose of the poison, and that application of poison lip paint then becomes nonpoisonous. To use poison lip paint without being exposed to the poison, the wearer must first apply a protective layer of base material. When using an ingested poison, the wearer can instead consume an antidote prior to application. (When the user applies a contact poison, preemptively consuming an antidote results in the wearer’s skin harmlessly absorbing the poison, as does immunity to poison.) A kit contains enough base material and lip paint for 10 doses. The poisons must be purchased separately and mixed into the lip paint.