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Pathfinder Chronicles - Volume 14

Source Pathfinder Society Primer pg. 27
Price 150 gp; Weight
Category Pathfinder Chronicles


The first volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles to contain only accounts of Pathfinders’ exploits on other planes, the fourteenth volume features a record of Gilray Jandivan’s journey to 23 Abyssal realms and the cataloguing of the demonic hordes there, a detailed map of the City of Brass and surrounding areas on the Plane of Fire by famed cartographer Insitha Avari, and a full 70 baudy songs and limericks gathered over the course of the decade Rarick Dell spent in the court of a powerful satyr on the First World.

Skill Bonuses

  • Deliver dirty jokes (Perform [comedy] +2)
  • Identify demons and other outsiders native to the Abyss (Knowledge [planes] +2)
  • Navigate the immense City of Brass and surrounding areas (Knowledge [geography] +2)