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Pathfinder Chronicles - Volume 11

Source Pathfinder Society Primer pg. 27
Price 100 gp; Weight
Category Pathfinder Chronicles


This volume, when originally published, contained a trove of misinformation on dragons, penned by Pathfinder Dalania Pontius. After these errors precipitated numerous deaths and countless injuries among Pathfinders confronting dragons of all types, the Decemvirate investigated Pontius’s sources (namely the brass dragon who had provided her with much of the false info) and found them suspect. The volume was eventually corrected, though some unaltered copies could still remain in obscure collections.

Skill Bonuses

  • Better understand the nature and ways of dragons (Knowledge [arcana] +2)
  • Distinguish between true statements and exaggeration regarding esoteric topics (Sense Motive +2)