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Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 155
Price 400 gp; Weight
Category Herbs
Gather DC 20; Yield 1 dose
Terrain warm forests or swamps
Preparation A dose of pollen must be mixed with alchemical reagents with a successful DC 16 Craft (alchemy) check and then left to sit for 1 hour before it can be used.
Use A dose of nepenthe pollen must be inhaled as a standard action, whereupon the potent vapors act upon unpleasant or unknown thoughts and memories. This grants the creature a new saving throw to immediately end a single mind-affecting effect currently affecting the creature (effects that allow no saving throw cannot be removed in this way). An unwilling creature can be dosed with the pollen as a touch attack that provokes an attack of opportunity. A creature can be affected by a dose of nepenthe only once in a single 24-hour period. This is a poison effect.


This foot-tall blue-green pitcher plant produces a pollen that smells faintly of mint and lures insects and even small vertebrates toward its dangerous mouth.